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Who is your favorite Ferengi?

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I gotta give it to Wallace Shawn.  I love Zek's relationship with Ishka and the reformation of Ferengi society.

Quark is a close second.  Rom's development throughout the series is good, but I think it's eclipsed by the development of Nog, who is my third choice.

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It was either Rom or Quark for me. But i picked Quark in the end.


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My favorite Ferengi is definitely Quark, with Rom in a close second. I always found Quark to be more amusing than any other Ferengi.

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Quark was my favorite. Rom was great too, and I always loved when Zek would visit.


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Nog! Followed closely by Rom and Brunt.

Nog really grew...I mean, he was illiterate in the first season, but he was willing to learn.  And he realized that he didn't want to end up like Rom.



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Quark of course..He brought such life into every episode he was in


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Quark !!!

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