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Poll: What do you think about the winner of the "Next Enterprise" contest?


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Report this May. 06 2011, 7:51 am

For any not aware, the makers of Star Trek Online and CBS recently had a contest to let fans design the next Enterprise, the Enterprise F. Here is the winner:


My question is, what do you think about the winning design? Please vote in the poll below:


Thanks for your input =)

Matthias Russell

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I'll have to see it rendered, but my first impression is not to like it.  Just as ugly and silly looking as other Cryptic designs.  So that's about what I expected.  Their staff has no taste in starfleet design.


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Agreed MR, it is dreadful.

Matthias Russell

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Seriously, what were they thinking?  It doesn't look at all like the next logical step.  Unless it has amazing stats, I wouldn't buy it.  I wonder what players are saying.  Guess I need to check out the STO boards.

Six of Nine

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Is it avalible to use it? It looks really bad, almost like a typhoon class modified

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Matthias Russell

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I wasn't going to enter the contest because I figured my design was too logical and looked so good it wouldn't win, lol. 


Face it, none of us are surprised.  But, hey, at least they didn't go with this:

Eight of Three

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I would choose any of the runners up instead of the winning one.

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Matthias Russell

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Looks familiar . . .

It failed in the 80s. It REALLY fails today.


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It is very boring. Not an inspired choice. 

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Quote: /view_profile/ @


>Not a fan. I would have chosen the 1st runner up.



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I can't say I like all the views of the beastie, nor do I think it fits the logical step from the Enterprise-E to the Enterprise-J. I don't bother to enter those contests because people with the full graphical rendering packages usually end up winning. Just no chance for the struggling artist, ya know? It was the same thing with the Titan contest. the Luna class still looks like a kitbash between the Soverign and Akira class starships.

I do express my congratulations to the winners, regardless.

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