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My post-TNG chronological reading list


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First off I want to say hello to all my fellow treksters out there. This is my first post here so I figured I should say hi before getting to the point. My interest in trek has recently resurfaced. I randomly decided a week ago to download all seasons of Voyager. I've seen a majority of the TNG episodes and every DS9 episode. I've also seen all of the movies including the TOS ones. I watched a lot of VOY when it was on the air but I knew I missed a lot and wanting to experience the whole storyline I decided to watch the series straight through. Doing this has really gotten me pumped about Star Trek again. It also gave me the desire to transition from the series/movies to the books. I knew that by doing so it would take me places I'd never experienced before and I am really excited to begin this new journy. When I asked myself how I wanted to approach this massive endevour I decided that I wanted to start post-TNG series because I wanted to continue the story rather than retracing my steps. I searched the internet tirelessly for a list of books in chronological order but the most I ever got were "places to start" or a link to the wiki page listing all the books. So, I took it upon myself to create a list of trek books in chronological order beginning just after the movie "Star Trek Generation." I used the wiki list of books as well as the wiki trek timeline to help me do this. A few parameters I made when creating this list was to NOT include any books of a particular series that insersected the timeline of it's tv series. There are however books included in particular series that intersect other TV series but not their own. Hopefully, that make sense. The few exceptions that were made to this was when I encountered certain relaunch series. I did include these books in my reading timeline even if the events in the books took place within the timeframe of it's corresponding TV series. I know that a lot of people are like me hoping to find a clear chronological order of the books because I've discovered many of them in my own search. So, I've compiled my list which displays the series of the book, example "TNG, VOY, DS9", title of the book, followed by the earth date. I'm hoping that I can get the contribution of this community to expand upon it. So, I'm asking please submit book titles along w/ earth year it takes place and some sort of information to validate what you're saying (I want the list to be accurate). If you want to list books that occur before my timeline that's fine. I personally just didn't want to start before then but there's no reason this couldn't turn into a comprehensive list. Anyways if you have any info please post it. I know this was long post so thx for your patience. OH and ONE MORE THING. In my timeline I also listed some *movies* and *series start/finish* connotated by * just for the sake of reference points. Looking forward to your replies. NEXT POST INCLUDES MY LIST THUS FAR.


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DS9        Terok Nor: Day of the Vipers                 2318–2328

DS9        Terok Nor: Night of the Wolves                 2345–2357

DS9        Terok Nor: Dawn of the Eagles                 2360–2369

DS9        The Never Ending Sacrifice                 2370–2378

TNG        *TNG Series Ends*                    2370

TNG        *Star Trek Generations*                    2371

VOY        *VOY Season 1*                        2371

TNG        Ship of the Line                      between Generations and First Contact

TNG        Triangle: Imzadi II                       between Generations and First Contact

TNG        Section 31: Rogue                    2372-2373

TNG        *Star Trek: First Contact*                 2373; April 4–5, 2063

TNG        Immortal Coil                          2374

TNG        The Q Continuum Book One Q-Space              2374

TNG        The Q Continuum Book Two Q-Zone               2374

TNG        The Q Continuum Book Three Q-Strike             2374

DS9        Hollow Men                         2374

TNG        The Battle of Betazed                     2374–2375

TNG        *Star Trek: Insurrection*                  2375

DS9        *DS9 Series Ends*                    2375

DS9        The Left Hand of Destiny, Book One             2375
DS9        The Left Hand of Destiny, Book Two             2375

TNG        Genesis Wave, Book One                    2376

TNG        Genesis Wave, Book Two                    2376

TNG        Diplomatic Implausibility                2376

TNG        Maximum Warp, Book One Dead Zone            2376

TNG        Maximum Warp, Book Two Forever Dark            2376

DS9        Avatar, Book One                     2376

DS9        Avatar, Book Two                     2376

DS9        Section 31: Abyss                      2376

DS9        Gateways: Demons of Air and Darkness              2376

DS9        Mission Gamma: Book One Twilight              2376

DS9        Mission Gamma: Book Two This Gray Spirit          2376

DS9        Mission Gamma: Book Three Cathedral             2376

DS9        Mission Gamma: Book Four Lesser Evil             2376

DS9        Rising Son                         2376

DS9        Unity                              2376

DS9        Worlds of DS9: Volume One Cardassia & Andor         2376

DS9        Worlds of DS9: Volume Two Trill & Bajor         2376

DS9        Worlds of DS9: Volume Three Ferenginar & The Dominion     2376

DS9        Warpath                         2376–2377

DS9        Fearful Symmetry                     2377

DS9        The Soul Key                         2377

TNG        Genesis Wave, Book Three‡                2377

TNG        Genesis Force                          2377

TNG        A Time to Be Born                    2378
TNG        A Time to Die                         2378

TNG        A Time to Sow                         2378
TNG        A Time to Harvest                     2378

VOY        *VOY Series Ends*                    2378

VOY        Homecoming                         2378

VOY        The Farther Shore                     2378

VOY        Spirit Walk Book One Old Wounds             2378

VOY        Spirit Walk Book Two Enemy of My Enemy             2378

VOY        Full Circle                         2378–2381
TNG        A Time to Love                         2379

TNG        A Time to Hate                         2379

TNG        A Time to Kill                         2379
TNG        A Time to Heal                         2379

TNG        A Time for War                        2379

TNG        *Star Trek Nemesis*                    2379

TNG        Death in Winter                        2379

Titan        Taking Wing                         2379 - January 1, 2380

Titan        The Red King                         January 2380

Titan        Orion's Hounds                         February - March 2380

TNG        Resistance                         April 2380

TNG        Q & A                             May 2380

TNG        Before Dishonor                     June 2380

Titan        Sword of Damocles                     August 2380

TNG        Greater than the Sum                     September 2380 - January 2381

Titan        Destiny Book 1: Gods of Night                 February 2381

Titan        Destiny Book 2: Mere Mortals                 February 2381
Titan        Destiny Book 3: Lost Souls                 February 2381

TNG        Losing the Peace                     February 2381 - May 2381

Aventine    Destiny: A Singular Destiny                 April-May 2381

Titan        Over a Torrent Sea                      July - August 2381

Titan        Synthesis                         late 2381

VOY        Unworthy                         2381

VOY        Children of the Storm                     2381       

DS9        Typhon Pact Book 1: Zero Sum Game            2382

Titan        Typhon Pact Book 2: Seize the Fire             2382

DS9        Typhon Pact Book 3: Rough Beasts of Empire         2382

TNG        Typhon Pact Book 4: Paths of Disharmony         2382

TNG        Indistinguishable From Magic                 January 2383 - March 2383


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Just to help out, I have this quote saved from Trek BBS site from one of the author's on DTI: Watching the Clock's placement:

And chronologically speaking, DTI:WTC takes place well before IFM. WTC covers March 2381 through February 2382 (approximately the same span as Rough Beasts of Empire), while IFM is January to March '83.


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Well done. Memory Beta is the best source for the "chronology" the non - canon materials. Just remember that most of the novels did not have editorial time control until the official post Nemesis "Relaunch".

I also expect that at some point in the future TPTB might jack up the timeline again. 

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