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Star Trek The Roleplaying Game by FASA


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Sound off if you still play, have questions, or fond memories of the Star Trek Roleplaying Game by Fasa.


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Did you use the starship combat simulator? I've never actually had one in front of me. I always wanted to try it.


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Still have all of my stuff, but like Captain Sato, haven't played in 25 years.


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The FASA starship combat simulator was nowhere near as good or as fun as "Star Fleet Battles" set in the "Star Fleet" universe.

Had the RPG back in the day, it wasn't the best gaming system, but it worked at the time. Also upgraded to TNG with the release of Star Trek TNG officer's manual and Season 1 sourcebook.



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I liked it for source material.  Actually, in the days after TOS but before TNG started, it helped teach me a lot about Trek (even if it wasn't canon).  I miss the days of pen&paper RPG's. 

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