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Best Star Trek Captain

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Created by: t.bexon


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Kirk.... Beat The "Unwinnable" Kobyashi Maru.... Simulated and COUNTLESS times for real. Kirk is the epitome of Leader. He's not afraid to hit first. He doesn't care what you think of him. Anytime he loses a crew member you see his entire posture and expression change. His crew was his family. And he didnt care what Starfleet Regulations were in the way regarding saving them. (TSFS) And most importantly.... He was a soldier first! 

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Kirk, because in the end he saved Earth, The Federation, and countless of races more than all the others put together. Plus it helps he's the only one to give is own life to save a future Enterprise Captain and crew twice.


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Kirk, the one the only the original.


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James T. Kirk: No explaination needed.

All the other choices need to be explained, hence the debates.



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Haven't we had this one before? The answer remains the same ... always:

KIRK = Star Trek = Kirk


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Captian Jean Luc Picard is my first pic as i seem to know him the best since i was able to watch most of the TNG series. only got bits and peices of DS9 and Voyager (though Captain Janeway is second to Captian Picard - and i've always thought that she was an admiral! lol) =^^=

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It's Captain Benjamin Sisko for most of the show.


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I love when people post a "who's the best captain" nobody else ever thought of THAT one before.




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Although Kirk is the original and completely awesome, I think Picard is the best out of them all. He was a great leader and really thought things out.

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Kirk. He was smart, decisive, too risks, and loved what he did. Some of the other captains were better at certain parts of the job than Kirk was, but overall, Kirk was the best.


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Captain Q

hahahahaa... yes, in his mind Q was a captain. Hence the uniform. I just think it would be an adventure a minute with Captain Q.

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Definitely the one and only man who cheats out of Life and Death situations many, many times over again. I mean who wouldn't choose a captain who could con enemies into letting them escape using the Ol' " Corbonite " trick


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Quote: /view_profile/ @


>the man whose story was never explored. 

>Captain H. Sulu. 


Funny they chose to make Sulu a captain as an aspect of plot development and yet never did much with Chekov. It was the latter who kept getting the con in STV:TFF rather than the former...

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For me best captain-this Sisco.He very good captain in starfleet.he can stop dominion fleet. More me like captain Jean Luc Picard. he famous captain in fleet.


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Captain James T. Kirk

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