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Best Star Trek Captain

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Created by: t.bexon


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Pick your favorite, then please explain why

the bungalo bill

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Sisko, because he isn't afraid to yell at admirals and because the writers give him a unique backround and personality.



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Original Kirk, he's not afraid bend the prime derective when nessesary to attain the needs.


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JT Estaban




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The Outrageous Okona ...
and his uncanny ability to get ALL the wymin!


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You could have gone ahead and labeled Sisko as Captain instead of Commander. By the time he was a Captain things had changed somewhat that had impacted his character.


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Janeway is my top pick. She proved that she would do whatever it takes to get her crew back home.

Second pick - Archer.  If I had a choice of which time period to be in, the beginning is where I'd want to be.  In the thick, when Starfleet was naive and just starting to explore.


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I've definitely got to go with Sisko on this one. Benjamin was in my opinion, the most dynamic captain in Trek, largely because of the writing of DS9. You got to see Sisko beyond the uniform, which was a breath of fresh air. Not only that, but who else out there could have almost single-handedly changed the outcome of a war?

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Captain Kirk all-the-way!!! He's the original, and isn't afraid to bend the rules! :D


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kirk. you put them all in a ring and have them fight to the death, and kirk comes out alive. (janeway dies first)


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Kirk. Classic.  A 23rd century Starship Captain with a 1960's all-star wrestling style dropkick.


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Kirk of course. There is no competing with the original! He was an explorer, ambassador, diplomat, and warrior all rolled into one.

The warrior just pushed the dimplomat around a lot.

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Kirk was a man's man and a ladies man. He was very sexy and a good leader and intelligent. Well rounded. A gentleman.I'm old enough to remember and appreciate and I daresay miss his type. But there are still a few around!

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Only one answer..Jean Luc Picard, he set the standard for Leadership, strength and goodwill, Star trek was nothing until TNG came into play.


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Picard =epitome of great leadership and strength

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