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Who is your favorite captain?

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Created by: the bungalo bill

the bungalo bill

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I have to go with  Sisko. He isn't afraid to yell at admirals making stupid decisions, and DS9 gives him an interesting backround. 


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I know I voted for The Sisko, even though he is intrusive and adversarial, and it looks like you said you did as well. So, who voted for Picard?


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I think every time this poll comes up (which is about once per week), I'm just going to vote for a different captain each time.


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100% Archer. He had the adventurous attitude of Kirk, and the gall of Sisko. The writing that made him in my opinion the best captain, was a fantastic combination of the best qualities of the greatest captains on the shows.

No doubt about it, Archer all the way.  


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Sisko's ma' man.

Ezri Janeway

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I voted Picard but probably because I worked with the actor (no not on trek) and really like the guy. So probably for all the wrong reasons. But Sharing the top spot for me would be Janeway and Sisko.


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Hey, what about Captain Hikaru Sulu ...?

Six of Nine

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Jean Luc-

Ezri Janeway

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What about captain Harry Kim?

Nine of One

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I liked Janeway. I think she did a great job getting her crew home. She also faced the borg many times and won.

"I'm a doctor, not a doorstop."

Ultimate Trekkie

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Picard, definitely. He demonstrates great leadership, able to find a diplomatic solution to most problems.


- Jean-Luc Picard U.S.S. Enterprise NCC 1701-D


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Captain Jack Sparrow.


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James T. Kirk. He can negotiate, fight, explore, and is the most human out of all of them.

Wanna Trek

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Captain Sisko is my favorite. He has the greatest character arc, and the most developed captain character of them all. When DS9 started he was a Commander and we watched while he earned the rank of captain. We also saw him go from being a grieving widower to a man so in love that he can marry again. He was also the only captain to have the time to nuture a child.

I love Captain Picard, but he had such limited emotions. He was never happy. I can't remember him ever being estatic about anything. The only time I can recall him showing excitement was in one of the movies (not the series) when he was driving a car---which didn't make sense. Even if centuries from now, we are still driving wheeled vehicles, why would that make him happy? He never before showed an interest in cars.

No, Sisko's my choice. We have joy, anger, spirtuality, sadness, etc. all rolled emoted by one character.


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I know Picard is the negotiator, and Sisko, and Archer, blah, blah blah. Kirk is the man. He doesn't ask the crew, He doesn't second guess himself. Kirk says, "Shoot that" or "Go that way" and then the crew syays what? YES SIR! That's why i love Kirk. And I say Kirk, not Shatner. The book Kirk is freakin awesome. Not that Shatner isn't the first guy I'd call to go have a beer.

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