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Pulaski or Crusher?

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Created by: the bungalo bill


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Pulaksi wasn't terrible but she definately wasn't one of the family.

Sidebar: does anyone know what in the world was under Gates uniform? In a number of episodes it looked as though she had a brace or something on her back.


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I watch the whole series as it goes. I didn't like Gates McFadden in the first season, but after introducing Dr. Pulaski I began to miss Dr. Crusher! I just hated Dr. Pulaski, especially becouse of the way she treated Data. But as we know, she changed and in her last episode (or so) she is great, accepting Data and even believing in him!
Now I'm in the middle of the third season. I miss Pulaski but somehow I find Gates McFadden much better, so I start to like her character.
Now I just can't vote for my favourite!

Blast your theories and observations!


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I think Gates McFadden and Diana Muldaur are both very good actresses.  That being said, there is no contest.  Beverly Crusher is a far more interesting character.  As far as the fabric of the show is concerned, she is Picard's true love, and Wesley's mom.  Thank goodness the producers came to their senses on that one.

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Dr. Crusher fitted better in with crew.

But, Dr. Pulaksi had more of the old time doctor feel.

I can realate to Dr. Crusher better then I can with Dr. Pulaksi, which caused me to like Dr. Crusher better.

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I can only assume that if Pulaski had stayed on, her character would have evolved, much like Picard did. He wasn't exactly the warm and caring captain we all know at first.


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I think Muldaur was trying to hard to be McCoy


I loved Dr Beverly


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^She DID have that female McCoy feel...

If TNG WAS trying to recreate that ol' Spock vs McCoy feel with Pulaski vs Data, it didn't work because Spock always defended himself with (humurous) thinly veiled comebacks; Data was always nice so you felt upset that the doctor picked on him.


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Pulaski was a good Dr. and a good character. But excuse my french. Crusher flips Pulaski over and rapes her in being better.



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Pulaski was terrible!  She was insensitive and argumentative, and she was totally rude to Data at every opportunity, it seemed!  Not much of a doctor, if you ask me!

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Def Beverly Crusher....
But Pulaski was a good doctor Who saved Captain Jean Luc Picard's life.
Lets not forget that.... :-)

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I didn't like the way Pulaski interacted with Data.  She was so dismissive and condesending.


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I preferred Crusher, but Pulaski was okay too. I wonder how she would have been developed if she'd stuck around.

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It's funny I never even considered this before. I find Pulaski rude, unpleasant and uppity to everyone. That's not to say that I think Diana Muldaur is those things, I don't. She's a fine actress. I just actively disliked the Pulaski character. I know when Gates McFadden left they had to do something. Still Pulaski may be one of my least favorite Trek characters ever.


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In my opinion Crusher beats Pulaski because Crusher was humorous and friendly while Pulaski was a mean with Data and always putting him down.


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I wish they had kept someone around to be mean to Data.  Freaking android needs somebody to keep him in line.  Without that he's convincing the computer to program master criminals in order to take over the Enterprise and pedantically commenting upon prefectly common human foibles.

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