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Pulaski or Crusher?

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Created by: the bungalo bill


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I like them both. They are two very different characters, each with their own strengths and style. That being said I voted for Beverly Crusher, based solely on sex appeal.

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Crusher no contest. I didn't like Pulaski's attitude towards Data, and she clashed a lot with Captain Picard. Some clashing is fine but how can they function efficiently if they are almost always in disagreement? It is true that the doctors argue more, they have ethical issues to worry about, but they still need to have some sort of chain of command. And though Starfleet is primarily an exploration organization it's also meant for defense and I don't know, I think Crusher would be better in a fight.

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Agreed, this is hard. Gates didn't have very realistic responses to most situations, including when Ensign Crusher was given the death penalty, when Ensign Crusher was held hostage on the rumor planet, and when Lieutenant Yar died. However, I did prefer her to pulaski because pulaski always made fun of Data, and just seems to be a better doctor.

This is why Doctor Crusher has my vote.

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Crusher was always too mother hen for me until I became a mother... plus she had chemistry with the captain.

Pulaski had not forward momentum for her character.


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I prefer Crusher.

I liked Pulaski but her discussions with Picard and her tone at some point were very annoying. She was really ONLY interested in medicine and research, she forgot a lot of times that she is also dealing with real people and Data for that matter. Crusher is more sensitive and not as impulsive.


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Good lord I'm amazed that 21% of the people favored Pulaski.  My opinion of her was not high, I thought that her character was modeled directly after McCoy, like a poor-man's McCoy.  I did enjoy her arguementative side, but oftentimes, she took completely silly stances on technology and progress...  contrary to the environment in which she worked. 


Crusher on the other hand, had a running romance (sorta) with Picard, and had a family to manage.  I thought that the idea of having an officer with a family was a wonderful idea and much more realistic than having all single people on the Enterprise.  Plus she was a great compliment to the tecnically and procedurally oriented command officers...


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Totally agree, modeled after Dr. McCoy.

Although I am not a fan of Dr. Crusher either, I liked her way better that Pulaski.


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i have to say crusher. pulaski was a good docter, but as a character she was distinctly lacking.


also i don't care much for how she reacted to data, though, i suppose  it can't be ignored that she did seem to except him as being sentient after the whole Sherlock Holmes- professor Moriarty- mishap-in -the -holodeck- thing. however i still liked beverly better.


but i'd be lying if i said the mere fact that beverly brought wesley into the world didn't give her a few points. lol, just kidding about that last part.


mostly..... lol.


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I always liked Crusher. However, I've warmed up to Pulaski in the past few years. She really didn't fit in ..she clicked with Worf on some kind of level. I liked her bold tell it like it is style. However, Crusher is the more compassionate, sensitive, understanding type. If I had a choice to work with either one, I'd work with both but eventually go with Crusher. Pulaski is like one of those Doctors with an ego, having something to prove kind of attitude.

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Since I could never stand Diana Muldaur, I'd have to go with Crusher.

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Quote: Ensign Moran @ Aug. 17 2011, 7:21 pm

>Agreed, this is hard. Gates didn't have very realistic responses to most situations, including when Ensign Crusher was given the death penalty, when Ensign Crusher was held hostage on the rumor planet, and when Lieutenant Yar died.




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I liked Dr. Crusher better then Dr Pulaski no question about.

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I love Pulaski, but I didn't when I first watched the series as a kid. In all fairness, I believe many of us didn't recieve Pulaski well because we were upset about no Crusher and how she intitially treated Data. I came to appreciate the character later on. She's kinda old school and her wit is hilarious. Crusher is still my fave over the two.

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Maybe young Dr. Pulaski...?

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I liked Pulaski. She was fun to watch.

Bev was 'meh'. McFaddon wasn't a great actress. IMO

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