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Pulaski or Crusher?

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Created by: the bungalo bill


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It's all about Beverly! I don't like Pulaski, I need Beverly in my life.


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Quote: parrothead117 @ May. 16 2011, 7:19 am


>Definitely Pulaski for me.  Crusher never really became a character, although she had some great episodes.  Diane Muldaur is a great actress, and her character was fascinating.  People who criticize her for being rude to Data, etc, confuse me -- don't they know that that was the setup for long-term character development, and that she would have abandoned those views soon?  Don't they know that's how Star Trek works?

>Also, I would have loved to see a Picard-Pulaski romance develop.  The Picard-Crusher thing never worked for me.



I agree completely. Pulaski had much more depth than Crusher, in my opinion. Crusher just fit right in with the rest of the crew, while Pulaski didn't, therefore creating some interesting conflict and friction just like in TOS with Kirk, McCoy, and Spock. I think a Picard-Pulaski romance isn't very far fetched, because they have such a brilliant love-hate relationship.


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My heart belongs to Bev, but my heart goes out to Kate.

She was had by Kirk, back when she was a total babe ...
and not just on one show - like most of them - but TWO!!!
She left that much of an impression on the good captain,
the 2nd time, he even proposed a toast celebrating her
beauty. Then TNG treated her like a blank spot where
Beverly used to be and that always bothered me, because
she really wanted to contribute. Kate was a true TREK LADY!


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It's really weird how TNG had a different doctor for one of its 7 seasons that was a recurring charcter. No other trek show did that.


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Pulaski was a better character. Crusher was just boring and the actress was so bad. I hate the way Diana Muldaur was treated unfairly by the crew and the producers. She is a brilliant actress and not a one trick pony like McFadden. I was devastated when I realized that I had to endure 5 seasons of realy bad and bland acting. 


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Beverly Crusher all the way. If I had to choose which Dr. I wanted to treat me for whatever reason, I would pick Crusher hands down.  Pulaski didn't gain my trust.


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Definitlely Beverly Crusher, she was one of my favourite characters on TNG.


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Crusher, definitely! Who wants a man old grandma following you around with a stethoscope...?


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Pitting Crusher up against Pulaski is grossly unfair.  Pulaski had one season, Crusher had 6, plus 4 movies.  Given that, Crusher wins hands down because she had over a decade to develop her character.

Now, if you were to compare Crusher-season 1 ONLY against Pulaski--the poll results would be drastically different.  McFadden didn't really "get" her character until halfway through season 4.  Her performances in season 1 & 3 were bland and forced.  She recited the lines, but was not acting. (IMHO, the only actress which had less skill/talent was Mirina Sirtis as Troi.*)  Diana Muldaur, in contrast, was able to present herself as a unique personality by episode 2 of her only season.  Her portrayal of Pulaski in 'The Icarus Factor' showed that she wasn't just playing a female McCoy carbon-copy (as some have asserted), but a complex, mature woman with real depth to her personality.

* As a side note, regarding my comment about Marina Sirtis's ability--she is a good actress, but was paired up with a role which simply did not suit her.  She was horrible, IMO, as Deanna Troi, but played magnificently in the guise of Major Rakal of the Tal Shiar.

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Yes, Gates McFadden, in Season One, especially,
was not going to receive any awards for her acting.
Nevertheless, I loved her & Dr. Crusher, right away ...

I completely trusted her character's doctoring abilities.
And Gates imparted a great deal of empathy to Crusher,
for her patient's suffering. And Crusher gave McFadden
a number of comedic opportunities in the first season
that she pulled off, very well ...


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I voted Crusher, of course. I've also heard that Mulduar did not enjoy her time on TNG. Apparently one episode and its makeup requirements were quite tedious for her.

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Diane Muhlder (sp.) wasn't happy, mostly because
the vibe on TNG was not as it was on TOS, where
everybody was happy to have a job and all that.

She came onboard, just after 2 of the 3 leading
ladies were given the boot. Marina was afraid of
losing her job - and at the time, everyone on TNG
was out for themselves, during Season 2. ... This
and Pulaski's requirement of being abrasive were
too much. All that drama gets lost over time ...

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Crusher by far. Happy Birthday to Gates McFadden!


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I would have to pick pulaski because, Geordi was blind for the entire series until the last episode and Crusher never tried to help him, but when pulaski came on she knew right away how to cure Geordi and when the people at starfleet could not operate on Picards artificial heart they contacted her and she saved his life. All im trying to say is i think she is a better doctor Maybe, not for personality but for saving peoples lives.

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