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Pulaski or Crusher?

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Created by: the bungalo bill


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No contest.  Beverly Crusher.

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crusher got my vote


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One aspect that comes to mind is who would you rather visit as your doctor?  Dr. Crusher has a warm bedside manner which I didn't see reflected in Dr. Pulaski.  Some say she was supposed to be a female version of McCoy but I don't see that.  Anyway, I would book my next medical visit with Dr. Crusher!

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I liked Pulaski alot, but prefer Crusher.

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I won't vote as I enjoyed both, but I will say that Pulaski brought a nice cynisism to the show.  It meshed well.


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Crusher. I agree she(Pulaski) was very much like McCoy or at least tried to be with the dislike of transporters and other intentional parallels, but never pulled it off. She wasn't a very good character. McCoy was a cold and cranky doc but you grew to like his attitude and straight forward behavior, his quirks made his character great. I think it had the opposite effect with Pulaski. She was just irritating more often than not.

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Pulaski, being the way she was with Data, created a snippet of conflict between Starfleet personnel, which I know is sacrilegious to Roddenberry’s rule. Plus, she challenged theories and decisions that Picard made, which gave her a Bones feel, but she was still her own person. She was a good kick in the ass of Jean-Luc, which made him seem more human, which is why I liked Pulaski’s character. The purpose of Troi was to make the cast look human when they talked to her, but Pulaski was an alternative method.


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I liked both, but I think as someone I would want for my doctor I have to go with Crusher here.  But as for overall, I have to say it would be a tie between them both


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Not fond of either, but I'll take Crusher over Pulaski. I often wondered if Gates McFadden was just a limited actor or if the writers really made her that dull. One of my least favorite regulars.


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Don't mind either of the characters, so I won't be voting. I have to say that I did appreciate Pulaski's bite and willingness to upset the apple cart, which I thought added to the show. Sure, she was a little hostile to Data, but who's to say that she wouldn't have warmed to him in time? Such problems need to be overcome, and that's part of the fun. So, even though I won't be voting as I like both of them, I do think Pulaski needs some words of support.


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Crusher FTW

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Okay, those who voted for Pulaski need to seriously consider the contributions the two characters made to the ship.

The only thing Pulaski really contributed was that she saved Picard's life. Other than that she was an overbearing, grouchy old woman who happened to have a medical degree. The Pulaski/Data relationship was the worst rip-off of the McCoy/Spock relationship that I have ever seen. It worked for TOS because Spock actually had emotions (he simply masked them due to his Vulcan upbringing) where Data had no emotions because he didn't have the programming.

As for Crusher, she eventually became a command officer giving her bridge time and put her in the chain of command in an emergency situation. Although she did have that one little flaw of her son she was by far the better of the two doctors. 

Just though I would throw my opinion out there.

Live long and prosper.


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I didn't start watching the show until the first run of the final season, and the first episode I ever saw was "Attached" so Beverly Crusher was my favorite character from day one. When I went back to watch the series from the beginning, I could barely get through season 2. I just never cared for Pulaski. No offense to the actress, I am sure she's lovely, but the character was awful, and she had zero chemistry with the rest of the cast. I think Gates McFadden is a very talented actress (not to mention director and choreographer) but her character was very underdeveloped. I thought there was so much potential for a medical doctor that was also a full commander, and they barely tapped into that towards the end of the series. She still wins as best doctor though...she's been the head of Starfleet Medical (twice) for a reason. 


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A no "Spocks Brain"er here... Crusher for sure!

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