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Who is your favorite Cardassian?

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Um...Dukat. He was such an excellent villain because he had such potential to be good. You would get these glimpses of the man he could have been, glimpses that would make you hope...make you care about him, make you hurt for him, and then he would do something truly awful, and it would seem all the more evil because you knew how close he'd come to being compassionate.

He was such a dreamer, such an idealist in some ways, and such an emotionally fragile person. I wanted to hug him and smack him at the same time! I know why he had all those Bajorean women falling in love with his evil, war criminal self. He was magnetic. He was romantic. He wanted to be a hero.

The most insidious thing about a villain like Dukat is that he didn't want to dominate others with fear, he wanted only to be loved, and that's a far deeper and crueler way to dominate others.

Yeah, he's sexy and evil, and I hate myself for loving him, but what can I say, I can only aspire to Kira's strength!

"What will they find when I am ripped apart? 'I love you, captain' written on my heart."

The Son of Mogh

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Garak, Dukat then Damar.

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