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Top 3 VGR episodes


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Friendship One,  The 37's,  Scorpion  parts   1 and 2


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This is neber easy and I have different moods but I's say...

1. Scorpion

2. Timeless

3. Dark Frontier


On another day, I'd say...

1. Blink Of An Eye

2. Future's End

3. Someone To Watch Over Me


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don't remember the names haven't watched it since it was on, but i'd say the one where they guy who lost his wife was messing with time

The one when kes comes back and they destroy the female caretaker

and a tie between one of several of the borg queen episodes, the one with the time correctors and the one with the 29th century borg "mating" of "The Dr." and "7 of 9"

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