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Just completed all 7 seasons!!


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I must say DS9 was better than I thought, I guess a litte explanation is in order.  When DS9 was org broadcast I only watched the first 2 seasons off and on seeing no more than 13 or 15 episodes during that time. I more or less went form TNG to VOY with a little of DS9 in between I just could not got into it.

Now a few years ago my kids bought me TOS on DVD for Xmas and than the next year TNG but after that they did ask me what I wanted next .  With VOY being my favorite out of all of them I got that in 2009 for 2010 I got DS9 I expected more of the same from the parts of the first 2 seasons that I have seen.

But as I went though the DVDs and the seasons I guess it was the and of the 3rd season that I really got hooked.  And from the 3rd season on I have never seen any of those episodes so it was all new to me.

So today I have completed the entire 7 seasons it was fun and some great episodes in the later seasons. So now DS9 is number 2 on my list as all time favorite.  I just wish that there was more out there nevered liked ENT that much and told the kids dont get it for me but now I may just change my mind. 



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It seems like most of the shows from TNG to Voy really got better around season 3, they all get comfortable in the roles and what the characters and directions they should go. It was definitely a different type of Trek and was enjoyable to watch but I did make it a point to catch Voyager more when they were originally airing. I guess I liked being on a starship more.

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When DS9 first started airing, I wasn't really sold on the idea of a show being based on a station either. Now I've grown to be such a fan of the series that I wish they'd do another like it, funny how that works out isn't it?

I think DS9 spent more time allowing the audience to see who the characters were beyond the uniform, which was really a Trek first. I think that's probably the main reason (minus the station and all that) DS9 was just so unique. It certainly was a different type of Trek, but man I miss it.


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I just finished watching DS9 for the first time this past year too.  I loved it.  The best was just having new trek to watch.  I thought the production values stood up amazingly well.  It looked like something that could be on the air today

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I am on season 5, never liked DS9 till about 2 months ago


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Ya. DS9 is my favorite Trek. I grew up with it. It's amazing though. Every time I talk to a fellow Trekkie they always say DS9 is their least favorite. Alot of people just didn't give it a chance when it came out. Which is a shame because it was really the deepest most intrigal series in the franchise. The characters were developed alot more and you had many actual story archs. In fact neer the end of the series the random episodes were definetly in the minorety. Thats the power the series has that the others just didn't get. It has a storyline that it follows through each season, with the possible exeption of the first two, but even then you had the bajorans recovering from the cardassian occupation so you had something. But with a season long story arc that turns into a series long story arc you have a fantastic opportunity to develop your characters in that situation and look at the varriouse political and religious motivations of different factions and how they interacted with each other. That is why I loved it so much, it examined elements of our society that don't fit into a perfect utopian future that proliferated Next Gen. We looked at genocide and ethnic cleansing, what happens durring war time, the ethical resonsibilities of command and how it is in fact a choice to follow the rules not just a given. You had characters that died (characters that you actually cared about... not like Tasha Yar in TNG) , the good guys didn't always win. And sometimes they had to break their own moral code to do so. You also had many conflicting emotions durring the series especually with the Maquis. It felt more real than TNG. DS9 has stood the test of time and I hope it will gain more fans as the years go by.


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I see that I am not the only one who skiped DS9 and went to VOY and I still think that I made the right decision.  I guess that I just needed to be on a starship.  But DS9 was a fun ride even though leaving Sisko with the worm hole gods at the end was not right but that is another topic.  Thank guys!

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I did complete season 7


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Being an Avery Brooks fan from Spencer for Hire, I watched from the beginning of DS9, and I'm very happy I did. I keep hearing how bad the first two seasons were, just like every Trek not called TOS, but I honestly believe DS9 took the shortest period to get its sea legs of the modern era shows, and has the most numbers of "good" episodes in those first two seasons. The best pilot of any of the latter shows, and the best finale. The sixth time through was my favorite so far.

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DS9 is awesome. In my opinion, it is the best series. My favorite episode is Waltz or Civil Defense. (If you can't already tell, I love Dukat!)


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