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enlisted ranks


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Quote: OtakuJo @ Apr. 26 2011, 2:41 am


>Crewman, Crewman First Class, Petty Officer, Chief Petty Officer.

>Remember too that TOS and TNG are set on the Federation flagship(s) -- Enterprise -- and that most of the central characters there are the elite of those respective crews. (Senior Officers and often Department Heads.) So for that reason alone, we are going to see less of the enlisted ranks.



That makes absolutely no sense. So the ships are going to have more officers and on them just because they're flagships? So who's going to empty out the trash when the few enlisted personnel get tied up with other tasts?

It doesn't matter that it's the flagship, everyship, command, organization within the military has a ratio to follow for officers to enlisted (I.E. There are 21,307 Marine Corps Officers and 181,384 enlisted Marines - source 2011 Marine Corps almanac)

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