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Why Star Trek 2009 sucked


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>... Why is the Starship being built in Iowa and not San Francisco? ...


Why is it being built on Earth and not up in space?

NCC 1701 was built at the San Francisco Fleet Yards which were in Earth orbit above that city. I expect this applied to all 12 of the Constitution class starships of which Enterprise was the most famous. These ships were not aerodynamic and apart from in space, could not manuoevre in anything other than the absolute upper atmosphere - and then only for brief periods. They were spaceships not airships.

The scene with the constructed ship growing from the ground-based dockyards across the mid-western plains might be visually impressive, but it is the single most stupid idea in the film ... how the hell did it get from there into space?

I imagine they employed a lifter of some sort.  Honestly, they already have the surface to LEO technology solved in ST, so I don't see it as much of a problem for them to lift the Enterprise to LEO orbit with a suitable vehicle, like a mobile dock or something. 




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I thought it was a good movie. Yeah some of the events in the movie didn't make sense but JJ had to make a movie that appealed to Star Trek fans and the general public. Overall it was a very entertaining movie. But I do wish it could have been done without butchering the Star Trek timeline.


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But I do wish it could have been done without butchering the Star Trek timeline.

They didn't

They set the previous timeline aside, virtually untouched, minus the destruction of Romulus, which we rarely saw anyway.


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>I don't know why McCoy was OK with Kirk being sent off the ship to Delta-Vega.

I didn't get the feeling was especially since he lectured Spock about that on the bridge.

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It was great entertainment and well casted.

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