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Nana Visitor HOT!! or NOT!

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Created by: Nana Visitors FAN


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She had those great big brown eyes, very hot.  Not to mention she made the Bojoran military uniform look really good.

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Nana is beautiful and Kira was a supernova, lol.

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Sooo Hot. Always thought she had are rather nice ass. lol

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HOT doesn't do this woman justice.  Her characters have shown grace, and a powerful elegance in each performance that only magnify her physical attributes. 


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if you still don't think, check her video singing fever

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I like her hair better short

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She was about as sexy as Quark's mother!

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HOT. She does have a nice ass and the mirror universe Intendant is the sexiest character in the universe.


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You know..she hasn't aged a day since she did DS9

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