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What Star Trek episode is this?


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I seem to remember an episode of Star Trek: TOS where Enterprise gets trapped in some alternate universe / deadspace, and they discover a group of other various alien ships (vulcan, klingon, andorian) that have organized into a council. I believe that the aliens (and pretty much everyone in the void) are immortal, as I remember the vulcan council member saying something like he was 900 years old.


The Enterprise finds a means of escape, but the klingon ship trapped with them attempts to stop them from leaving. However, at the last minute, the klingon ship agrees to attempt escape with the Enterprise, and makes it through.


What episode is this? Thanks!


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I'm not too familiar with TOS but you could check out the Episode summaries on this board.

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I've checked, and I can't seem to find it, but I swear I remember seeing it once. I think it was only aired on TV one time remastered.


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>Its TAS 'The Time Trap'


Indeed. I have just watched it the other night as I work my way through the DVD set

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