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Why was the Borg only interested with Humans not with Vulcans,Romulans,Klingons etc


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>I always wondered why was the Borg assimilated and only interested in Humans rather than other species like the Vulcans,Romulans or Klingons. None of these worlds seem to have been affected too when the Borg came... seems like Borg had a special taste for Humans..


Because humans taste like chicken.


I always party at Starbase 63!


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Zapp, you are correct. America did fight a war on 2 fronts. However, Germany was given priority rather than the aggressor behind Pearl Harbor because it was the bigger threat. The politicians and armed forces focused on europe while holding off pacific aggression. Once Germany's fall was imminent, more pressure was applied in the Pacific. Germany first, then Japan was the policy.

The borg similarly would assimilate whoever they could but focussed their efforts on the most strategically important target.

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