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Would vegans, vegetarians, and/or Vulcans eat meat from the replicator?


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Quote: Ghostmojo @ May. 23 2011, 2:23 pm


>There is an interesting scene in ST:TUC where Valeris blasts a cooking pot with her phaser whilst visiting a galley with Spock (amongst others). Right next to this (ex) container are two very large roasted chickens or turkeys! They don't look reconstituted to me! Was this a little insider joke the film-makers inserted for our amusement?

Oh there's just sooooo many things wrong in that scene. I dunno just how much validity your view can have from a scene were:

1. There's a fully equipped kitchen on the Enterprise when we have replicators.

2. The phasers are easier to reach than the pans

3. Valeris goes Rambo and shoots a pan just to prove a point

4. Chekov, (former?) chief of security doesn't know the security measures.

5. (I may remember the scene wrong but...) Uhura responds faster to the alarm than actual security.

I should however pay attention to the dinner scene to see what Spock has on his plate. Maybe it was blue squid...or maybe blue meat?

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They can make tofu look like some amazing things and imitation crab looks like crab to me!


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Nope. Vulcans would never normally eat meat from a replicator.

Replicated meat is almost EXACTLY the same as meat from a real animal. There is almost no difference in the molecular structure.

The only reason a Vulcan would have to eat meat would be out of respect for the eating habits of others. For example, a Vulcan eating with Klingons might eat meaty Klingon foods in respect of Klingon culture.

Other than rare situations like that, Vulcans and vegetarians would have absolutely no reason to eat meat from a replicator.

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