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Recent Trolling / Baiting Activity

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Report this Apr. 07 2011, 7:06 pm

Over the last week, we have experienced a number of previously banned members return (or attempt to return) with dual accounts and try to cause issues / dissent within the community.  In each case, the banned members have been removed from the site - some were caught and reported by members and others were caught by the admin team.  During this activity, we've noticed a few things:

1.  After banning/blocking a member, we automatically remove all of the posts by the member.  Unfortunately, the threads in which we have deleted the banned member's posts are auto-locking.  This is a bug which the tech team is addressing.

2.  Members are not using the report function.  This is your #1 tool.  The admin team does not and cannot review every post.  We monitor trends, issues that are reported and check flags that occur with dual accounts.  Do not encourage the continued dialogue with a member that is violating the TOU -- ignore them and report them.  They are looking for a response so don't give them one.  It's the easiest way to stop them. 

3.  Please do not start new threads asking admins to check issues -- they attract those same people you are talking about.  Use the report tool -- an admin is continually checking for reports and will address the issue. 

Ignoring the trollers/baiters and reporting them is the number one way for us to eliminate this practice and allow all fans the ability to have intelligent and engaging conversations within the boards.

Thanks for your understanding and help.

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