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Best Soldier Captain?

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Created by: Matthias Russell


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Captain Benjamin Sisko!

He is totally fearless: Always willing to go on the offensive and strike a bold stroke against the enemy even when the odds for success seem extreme.  Was willing to take on a entire Dominion fleet with only the Defiant.  Fights hand to hand with Klingons, Cardassians, and Jem Hadar and always holds his own. Never gets intimidated by anything or anyone, and won't hesitate to punch someone's lights out if they tick him off, including Q himself.  "I'm not impressed by your parlor tricks!"

He is a brilliant strategist: Defeats enemy fleets that outnumber him 2:1 or sometimes more.  Re-takes DS9, recommends offensive actions by the Federation when all the other senior officers were to afraid to do so.  Knows when to keep pressing an advantage, or when to walk away if necessary.

He isn't afraid to break the rules to accomplish what needs to be accomplished: Firing on Maquis planets to capture Eddington, and creating a lie to get the Romulans to join the war are just two examples of this.


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Well that would make him a bad soldier for beating up someone who isn't his enemy.

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I go with sisko .


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i like kirk and he was kind of sexy too

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Once more, for myself, Kirk, and Sisko. Jim was in an earlier era, of a less settled, and far more uncertain galaxy, where the need for seat-of-your pants thinking was often required and inventive moves, which he pioneered. Sisko proved his mettle in the most obvious circumstance of the DW. MR did make an important point that, among them, Picard had a knack for potentially being able to get his crew out of jeopardy or avoid a conflict, which is what Starfleet officers are suppposed to attempt, violent actions a 'failure' so to speak in a given situation.

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Quote: Matthias Russell @ Apr. 06 2011, 4:31 am

>This was an easy Sisko vote for me. He was tough with a highly strategic mind and actually helped designed what was probably the first federation battleship. None of the others seemed to have his fighting experience or know how.
My reasoning i was going with kirk but then remembered that sisko desighned the Defiant. hands down sisko

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