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Was Trip's Death necessary?


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Report this Apr. 11 2011, 10:04 am

Who knows why they killed off trip, Only the writers can explain themselves.

I didn't see that episode. I did like the trip Character, even sadder was that he wasn't wearing a red shirt.

Walter Koenig said in an interview "If you're ever on Star Trek Don't wear a red shirt" LOL!

"Second star to the right and straight on til morning" James T. KIrk Undiscovered country


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I actually don't dislike TATV, as many fans seem to. It wasn't a great episode but I didn't dislike it. Trip's death was probably the best part, and I thought he 'went out well'. It was a little sudden, but I could see it coming and it was very dramatic. Seeing how T'Pol wanted to get back together with him and how their whole mission was about to come to an end after 10 years of faithful service just before he died. I loved his last line,
"Oh, And one more thing... You can all go to hell!"
It wasn't 'necersary' but it was, imo, a fitting end to the character and made for the great story telling star trek rarely fails to provide us all.


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Quote: Lt_Sears @ Apr. 11 2011, 10:04 am


>I did like the trip Character, even sadder was that he wasn't wearing a red shirt.

His shirt may not have been red, but it was the equivilant, he had little red bits of fabric around the shoulders to show he was an engineer. Hmm.. does anyone know if they kept TOS's tradition of 'the red guy dies first' throughout ENT? I think I shall investigate!


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I think the episode left the possibiity of that incident not happeing.


After all the scenario took place on the holodeck and they had some historical facts wrong about the ship so in theory their information about Trip and how he died could be far off(why would a holodeck program be created after that incident?).


Seems open ended to me.

Matthias Russell

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I felt "The Good That Men Do" did an excellent job clearing up the mess. Historical records were changed and the history in the holodeck program isn't quite accurate. Could easily happen after 200 years. The creators of the relaunch just said, we like Tripp and we're keeping him; screw you Berman.


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It was necessary for anyone who has read the books of Enterprise. It plays into Trip getting involved in section 31 and becoming a spy. (sorry if that's a apoiler alert)

Matthias Russell

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Spoil away. ENT fans should have read those books by now. The haters will hate either way.


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Could it have been Karma ?


Trip did love Fried Catfish


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You can't win them all,but it still pissed me off big time.

Matthias Russell

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Trip's death was actually worse than Kirk or Data's to me, not because of the way he died but the events that led up to it just made no sense.

I still love how Berman said in the interview that he still doesn't understand where they went wrong in that episode.


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Quote: /view_profile/ @

>You missed Trip's acting in TATV. He sizzled in the role.


Dr. G! How have you been? I was wondering what happened to you!

The connection that she and Trip had shared was no mere casual dalliance. It was identical to the link that united two of her oldest friends in the bonds of Syrrannite marriage. And that makes Charles Tucker my mate, she thought. In a much truer sense than Koss ever was. BENEATH THE RAPTOR'S WING

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trip's death was not needed. I'm not even sure if TATV was nescasary. Maybe they just should have made "Demons" and "Terra Prime" a double length episode and left that as the finale. I mean, it had the plot for it and the beginning of the alliance, so maybe that would be effective. A last appearance by Shran was nice. (by the way final Archer-Shran scores, a tie)


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What is this "TATV" that people insist on calling the finale? Everyone knows that "Demons/Terra Prime" was the finale. That's my story, and I'm sticking to it. :-P

Oh, and Trip's not dead. He's on a beach somewhere, instructing T'Pol on the joy of mimosas.


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And pecan pie!

Back on topic, I've said it before and I'll say it again...Trip's death was a cheap emotional hook designed for shock value, same thing they did to Data in Nemesis. Both deaths were totally contrived, unnecessary and infuriated the fanbase, which Berman apparently didn't give two shits about.


Matthias Russell

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And the same cheap trick in deciding to kill Janeway in the books. That decision was made in an effort to get the emotional response star wars got when they killed chewy (which only angered fans). Trek is really bad about killing characters fans get emotionally attached to in dumb ways. But then, death doesn't ask the best way to go.

I could have lived with Trip's death if the events preceding it made sense.

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