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What's Your Top Three?


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The episodes I keep coming back to watch again and again are:

1. The Enterprise Incident
2. Amok Time
3. The Galileo Seven

What are yours?


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"Errand of Mercy"

"A Taste of Armageddon"

"Devil in the Dark"

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1) City on the Edge of Forever

2) Tomorrow is Yesterday

3) The Enterprise Incident (gotta love Kirk with pointy ears...)

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1 The Doomeday Machine

2. Balance of Terror

3. Mudd's Women


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Hard to choose only 3, but here goes:


- Shore Leave

- The City on the Edge of Forever



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1. Amok Time

2. Operation: Annihilate!

3. The Empath


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Ooooohhh, this is a tough decision.

1. Amok Time

2. Enterprise Incident

3. Errand of Mercy (stupid idiotic grins, you gotta love that! )

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1. Balance of Terror 

2. Return to Tomorrow 

3. I, Mudd 


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1. The Trouble with Tribbles

2. Spectre of the Gun

3. I, Mudd


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from memory (in any order)

The city on the edge of forever

Return to tomorrow (that was with Capt. John Christopher, right?)

And that one with Gary Seven.

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I always seem to watch these three episodes (in any order) more often than others:

- The Squire of Gothos

- The Trouble with Tribbles

- By Any Other Name

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1. Amok Time

2. City on the Edge of Forever

3. I, Mudd.


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I enjoy Shore Leave, Space Seed, and the Day of The Dove

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1) Mirror,Mirror

2) Tomorrow Is Yesterday

3) A Taste Of Armageddon

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City on the Edge

Balance of Terror

Day of the Dove (I freaking love Kang, "only a fool fights in a burning house.")

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