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enterprise costumes


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 My wife and I are looking to buy some enterprise costumes, but can't really find any. One site claims to have them but for over a 100 dollars each. You guys know where to get some?

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I did a search and found nothing but real ones for really big bucks.

You can get Patches from the store here and Roddenberry .com  then try to find a blue Jumpsuit.

Best of luck.


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=( thanks anyways


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I’m sure you are referring to Unfortunately, it is really the only place you can get an Enterprise costume, aside from making it yourself. I mean for the price, they are custom, hand and tailor made. So, they do have good costumes. They only bad thing, I think, is that they are based in China...

Hope this helps.




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   Have you checked ebay?


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I just got my costume from, a First Contact Costume, not Enterprise - but, I have to say, the quality is awesome.  It is a bit pricey and shipping takes a long time (coming from China and being handmade and all).  But the price is totally worth it for the authenticity.

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