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Kobayashi Maru


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Quote: toranaprem @ Mar. 30 2011, 2:59 pm

>Honestly, I think the problem is we're never told in canon why Spock was made a first officer in addition to his duties as chief science officer.

>Everyone wearing gold was on a command-track, and therefore why most captains and first officers are pulled from areas like navigation, helm, and tactical.

>In Julia Ecklar's Kobayashi Maru we're told that Scotty had also taken the test because he had been on a command-track that he abandoned for Engineering (which also explains why he was qualified to be second-officer).

>I always got the feeling that we were meant to understand that Spock was an oddity, not only because of his mixed heritage but for being given a first officer position for exemplary performance in the field, even without the official command training to back it up.

>After at least a decade of serving as a first officer under Kirk (and over twenty years serving on the Enterprise in total) it is only logical that when the Enterprise was made a training vessel that Spock would be seen as more than sufficiently qualified to be the captain of a ship-load of cadets if he wanted the job.

That's a logical hypothesis, but I prefer to believe that Spock was trained in command and science duties and therefore served as both first officer and science officer.

It happened in a different century, but Janeway was a science officer who became a captain.  So command level officers are not always pulled from helm, navigation, tactical, etc. in Star Trek.

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Quote: Matthias Russell @ Mar. 29 2011, 12:28 pm

>In Wrath of Khan and ST09, the Kirks pass the Kobayashi Maru the same way- cheating. Prime universe Kirk got a commendation for his method whereas Nero-verse Kirk is nearly expelled. Why were they treated differently? BTW, because Abrams is stupid, I hate ST09, and ST09 isn't really star trek are not valid answers.

Yeah! It wasn't that bad, but it is moving away from normal procedure.

And, he got beaten up!

It's strange, being a catalyst for things that move outside.


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Quote: Tureaz'47 @ Apr. 02 2011, 4:33 am


>And, he got beaten up!


Oh please...Kirk is my personel life long hero...he's ben beaten up, stunned, knocked out, captured, and "didn't get the girl lots of times before.

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