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I come back after a couple weeks absence to *this*?

Not promising. Not promising at all.


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I love signatures. It adds color to the page and personality to your posts. And if you've been here a while you can tell who posted it without even having to look at their username. Pretty handy, I say.

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While I clearly like that we can add our own flare to our signatures (I have an image in my signature), I also fully support a maximum height/width limit and an option to Enable/Disable viewing signatures in threads.

On some boards I turn on Signatures, and other boards I turn Signatures off (depending on the content others are adding to signatures and my mood).

I think this would be a great compromise for those for and against.  Hopefully that will be a future feature addition.



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Matthias Russell

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Quote: /view_profile/ @

Quote: /view_profile/ @


>I don't know, some people get pretty creative.  I like seeing what people cook up for their sigs.


Agree, many are unique and obviously someone put some time into them.

I do think there should be a size limitation though.

For the most part, it was Roboto putting time (and love) into them.

I agree with ground rules for them, but blocking them as an option is crazy. Grow up and live with some diversity, people. Besides, the former of this thread has less than 200 posts and never shows as a most active member. If he barely participates here, why should he care?


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Quote: Roboto @ Mar. 29 2011, 5:24 pm


>I come back after a couple weeks absence to *this*?

>Not promising. Not promising at all.

you were gone? 


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This is just standard troll behavior, designed to inflame the boards and generate attention. We should all ignore it. 

(I am referencing the creator of the thread and the thread itself)

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Matthias Russell

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Though I think blocking sigs to still be stupid, I'm starting to think imposing size limitations might be a good idea. In the last few days a couple members have started using some really big signatures that are pushing it a bit. Perhaps large signatures could automatically be scaled down in dimension.


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Which banners are you talking about?  I don't see any ad banners

Matthias Russell

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Is he wrong? Just curious.

Matthias Russell

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Quote: /view_profile/ @

Quote: /view_profile/ @

>Is he wrong? Just curious.

How is that any of your business ?

It isn't. But we have been encouraged to keep these boards open and honest. If someone is respectfully asking a question, there is no need to get all defensive, unless a person has something to hide.

Wouldn't you admit that it is odd that someone new to a star trek hasn't come to talk trek but talk site formatting. I think any reasonable person can admit that seems strange and that we have reason to be suspicious when, and you wouldn't know this being new, there has been a lot of trolling, baiting, and banning here lately.


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hmm OP was deleted. Well I am fully in support of the idea of a size limitation on Signatures. Exactly what constitutes "too big" is very much a subjective notion, so for my part I will trust in the judgement of Admin re: whether to create a limit and what that limit should be.

For a size I would suggest equal or less than the surrounding text-box of a one line post.

I am also fully in support of continuing to allow graphic-based sigs. They are often visually interesting and creative, and do not always have to be large enough to detract from the conversations in a thread.

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