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Dressing Up


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I think dressing up would be cool! It would sure make you stand out. But as an answer to your question, I suppose it just all depends on where you go. I haven't been at a convention anywhere in the US (but would like to!) or at any big one here in Canada. The ones I went to were pretty small. I didn't really feel left out, as there weren't really any people dressed up! But at a big con. like Vegas, I bet they're will be a fair bit of people dressed up.

Hope you have fun!

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America is far away from here, so Idunno. What I dó know is that if you would go to Elf Fantasy Fair undressed, you would, a little, because EVERYBODY's dressed. 


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I went to STLV last year, and plan to do so this year as well! Not everyone dresses up so it's totally cool if you don't  but I encourage you to do so, so you can attend the costume gathering on Saturday, so we can whoop up on all the other cons!

you will have a blast, it is SO much fun!!

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