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If 2009's "STAR TREK" was so bad.....


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>I did not say that. I am saying that box office takings only take into account how successful a film not how good or bad a film is.

>Star Trek XI is a good film because of the characters.

>I liked Avatar and its the number film of all time but a lot of people don't like it, it's all about personal taste.

>A lot of hig grossing films are films I loved but some I am not keen on are as well.

>It's just peronal taste and what the majority wants to see.


Good, I just wanted to make sure you said that.

Now understand, that if it were a totally bad film, the odds better that it wouldn't have made any money at all.

We see that happen more then not.

Thanks for understanding and don't ttake it as a dig against the new movie. 

The new Trek movie was my favourite film of 2009, It was a great fun movie. 


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Quote: Sora @ Mar. 27 2011, 10:35 pm


>I would disagree with those who say Star Trek 2009 was bad. I think it was a great film. However I will also disagree with those who say that Star Trek 2009 was the best Star Trek anything ever. Overall, Star Trek 2009 is personally my least favorite bit of Star Trek.



Seriously, I can't TMP. SOOOO boring!!

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Star Trek XI is a really cool movie, despite a few gripes with some changes that were made I do feel it work to revitalise Star Trek.

Of course it is not my personal fav Trek, it's clearly for a different audience but I can still enjoy it.


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If the movie was so bad, why are they making a second one? I thought the new movie was really good! Actually, I had never really known much about Star Trek before the new movie. I had heard of it and recognized the Vulcan gesture as S.T, but other than that, nothing. So the new movie was what made me a die-hard S.T fan!  

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Yay BlackBird!


That's what most of my friends are like. hahaha it's how I get people hooked.


I think it's a great modern transition into TOS, then TNG and so forth.


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First of all I don't think popular=good. Second I liked it as a movie but not as a trek movie or at least not a canon trek movie. If that makes sence...


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I liked the movie very much! It brought many good things to the ST. Very modern bridge, action crew...
I always hated how the series crew let their ships to be beaten while they were listening to demage reports and shields dropping down...i was always like DO SOMETHING,ENYTHING!!!! And in the new movie,they take action right after weapons were locked,this is how the things must go in space!!!

And the window replacing the screen wiew.....AMAZING!!! 

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