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Best Deanna Troi episode

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Created by: parrothead117


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I know Deanna isn't very popular among some people, but she's one of my favorite TNG characters.  I think she's the focus of some of the best episodes of the series.  I think my favorites of hers are "The Price," "The Loss," "Night Terrors," "Thine Own Self," and "Dark Page."  Among these, "The Loss" and "Night Terrors" are particularly enjoyable to me because I love it when weird things happen in space that dramatically effect the crew.

But I have to go with "Dark Page" as my favorite.  I think it's the most emotional TNG episode and possibly the most emotional Star Trek episode period.  I'm always riveted and choking back tears by the end.  It's also probably Lwaxana's best episode, though "Half a Life" and DS9's "The Muse" are contenders.

I also love Deanna's appearances on VOY, but I ran out of options so those episodes would have to go under "other."

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I thought she did very well on "Disaster", but mostly because I like that episode pretty well over all. And didn't it lead to her wanting to become a commander in "Thine Own Self"? I thought she did a good job in challenging herself to do other things.

Also, I loved seeing her and Barclay in Voyager.

My friend's little sister (4th grade kind of little) is very obsessed with Deanna Troi. Troi gets talked about A LOT in that family, LOL. I like Deanna Troi, I think she's awesome, but Data just kind of puts everyone to shame on TNG, ya know? loljkjk

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I liked Ménage à Troi, but that's probably because it was a funny episode that happened to include both Deanna and Lwaxana Troi. 

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Dark Page is a good episode, too. It was powerful.


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I happened to love the Troi moments in "Thine Own Self", but they were overshadowed by the main plot about Data.

Even though they were overshadowed a bit, it is my favorite episode prominently feturing Troi.

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I'd have to go with Night Terrors as it's one of my faves.


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I agree with Junkie, Disaster was pretty good, though I think there was another I liked as well, but none of the titles seem to be it so idk.

Also, I love Thine Own Self, but not especially for the Troi parts which were although were good, were greatly overshadowed by the main storyline.

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I voted "other" but somehow my vote doesn´t show.

I, too, like Deanna a lot, and you´ve got some real good eps up here (The Child, the Price, Disaster (one of my favourite eps), Dark Page... but my favourite Deanna episode is actually a Riker episode: Second Chances!

Being a bit of a romantic, I love the way she is torn there between the two Rikers. The "old" one, who takes her pretty much for granted but is still a very dear Imzadi, and the "new" one, who in his mind hasn´t developed their relationship since they parted as Imzadi on Betazed some eight years ago.

I do think however that Will Riker acted as a major jerk there. He may be right about his twin possibly making the same choices (career over her) as he had in his life, but Tom hardly got the chance to prove his intentions to her. How long has he been on board - a week maybe? And to me, he did seem matured - in different areas than Will had. From what I see, his eight years of solitude had indeed made him reevaluate a few things, and though Will may have strewn doubt in Deanna´s heart with the best intentions for HER well being, I don´t think it was fair to Tom.

Actually, I´ve read somewhere that Tom Riker was mighty jealous of Will. From what I´ve seen in that ep, I see ample proof of the opposite as well...

Okay. Just my opinion.

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Good description.  I didn't think to include Second Chances, but it's a good choice.

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I'm not to sure.......


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Face Of The Enemy

It's the only one where she did anything useful.

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Night Terrors

It's the one I instantly thought of and it was one the best TNG episodes, IMHO.


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Ménage à Troi and The Price were always some of my favorites!

I got to meet Marina Sirtis at a conevention in 1993.

She was very friendly and quite funny!


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Sirtis said at Megacon on Saturday that "The Child" was her most challenging because she never had a child so she enjoyed having to figure out how to get into character.
She also said she didn't like that in Disaster she, the lt commander, was lectured on technical matters by ensign Ro. She said this bothered and she discussed it with Frakes saying, "I went to the academy too, shouldn't my character have a handle on technical things? What did I do for 4 years at the academy?" Frakes reply was "wax your legs."

As a parent, I go with Sirtis and vote for "the child".


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i liked the ep.Child


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Any episode featuring the good Cousnelor's cleavage was a great episode for me.  Seasons 1 and 2 were the best for that.

Hated it when she got a regular uniform like everyone else.  (Except for the odd off-color, that is.)

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