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Why were DS9 reruns stopped

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Created by: Six of Nine


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Quote: Lieutenant_Jedi @ May. 08 2011, 9:10 pm


>Ratings matter. 

>If you are frustrated, You tube search for the shows. They are all available online. 


Thanks for sharing the secret.  CBS Television is making a crusade to pull all these episodes from YouTube.  Irrationalys's total collection of eps - removed by the soulless minions of orthodoxy.

I think these minions should find a way to get DS9 episodes online.


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SCI-FI is missing an opportunity.   They could probably by the syndication rights for DS9 cheap.  They could position this as the precursor to BSG and run it in that time slot before or after their main prime time show (e.g. Caprica).

You could have this run Friday Nights from start to finish (and run the same episode during the weekend).   This possible could do for DS9 what reruns did for the original series.

It was a show before its time.



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Im quite shocked some folks dont get much Trek. In the Uk they constantly run all the shows on various channels so there is a Trek practically every night. At the moment its Voyager, TNG and TOS (Voy and TNG has practically been on a constant loop for the last several years) and I saw an ad for DS9 so its either on a channel somewhere and I keep missing it or coming back. I think Enterpris is off air at the moment, but its not one I followed very much so I could be wrong. My lad is already on his second time around for some of the shows and hes only 8.

I guess were much more spoiled in the UK than I realised.


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I have this series on DVD,in my country this series do not show on tv-channel. Me like season four and seven,included episode "What you live behind".


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We need A Star Trek Channel on TV that plays all the series every day. 4 hours of each series everyday, nothing but Trek. But i guess that and having all the episodes available on this site will only happen when H3ll freezes over.


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For me DS9 has been out of syndicantion since on 2002 may be so i havnt seen it on tv almost since it ended its sad

to think even if it is late nights u think it would be better than any of the other crap thats on tv.


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I see it here on the  SyFy channel once in a while, but as an earlier poster

said ratings matter, plus it really wasn't going anywhere.  which would you

rather do stay on DS9 or travel with the Enterprise D?

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The fact they aren't reaired is the reason it's the show I'm least familiar with. And that sucks.

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that sucks its my fav but nobody can work it right to get it on tv at least its on dvd but cant afford all that at the moment and not the same, it reminds me of earth final conflict we only get four seasons on dvd n america it was my fav show period for awhile.


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Quote: Lieutenant_Jedi @ May. 08 2011, 9:10 pm


>Ratings matter. 

>If you are frustrated, You tube search for the shows. They are all available online. 


Size of screen matters, most computer screens are small compared to TV's, unless of course you plug your Computer to your TV. But it doesn't really matter to me, I have the DVD's, but still for it to be on TV again would be nice.

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i was wondering myself why spike took them off. i just found them and they were in hd then a couple weeks later they were gone.

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