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What Conventions Are You Attending? (2011)


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Depends upon the items. New in Box will sell used and loose not so much.

Best of luck

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Quote: hhalldab914 @ May. 09 2011, 2:27 pm


>I have a convention question. My mother in law was a HUGE star trek fan and died last summer. We have several boxes of Star trek collectibles and were thinking about getting a table at the Vegas Convention but its kind of expensive. Do people buy a lot of stuff at the conventions from vendors?


I've been to the Vegas convention twice, and I noticed people buying all kinds of stuff, used, new, whatever.  In fact, I passed on a few things thinking I was going to be there a few days and could always go back to them, and when I went to to look again, someone had already bought them.  It is like a flea market...people buy the first they see, and then others miss out.  I wish I was going to Vegas this year (going to Boston), 'cause I'd love to see what you have.  

PS:  People bring things in all kinds of condition.   If things are rare enough, they will buy them very used.  I do this, if I am really looking for something.  I also noticed the figures in packages were being bought by parents for their children or to be signed by the celebrities.

Hope that helps. 



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Can't help but wish they had something close to D.C.


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I'm going to the Chicago Comic-Con this year. Patrick Stewart and Levar Burton are going to be there.


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So I just got some news of who's supposed to be coming to the Armageddon Expo. Unfortunately, none from Trek, as of yet (but people always cancel and others are added, so we'll see)

Bruce Boxleitner - I know this guy from his character, Captain John Sheridan, from B5. He was the main captain/character from season 2-5 so this is a great one!
Mark Sheppard - Ok, I lied. This guy appeared on one episode of VOY, can't recall the name of his character or the ep, but it was in s6. He played the guy who pretended to be Icheb's father. I also know him from him playing Romo Lampkin on BSG(TRS).
Kevin Conroy - Voice of Batman in HEAPS of animated shows (JL/JLA are the only decent ones, imo)
Amanda Tapping - Capt/Dr Sam Carter on SG1. I have just gotten into this show, but I'm equally excited to meet her.

I was hoping for a bigger Trek actor (Sheppard appeared in 1 episode) but I am content. Others will be added (in comparrison to past years there are not many here) and some will cancel ... so I still have a chance of a bigger Trek actor coming.
I really hope Boxleitner doesn't cancel... that'd suck HEAPS. Conroy is the most... 'expendable' for me.

Now I just need to decide who I want a photo with and who I want a signature from (I'm just getting one or the other p/ guest so I can waste money on other stuff).
Time to start SAVING(money).


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Bought my tickets for Saturday and Sunday of the Chicago convention. I have been saving my cash and I will be getting an autograph from Leonard Nimoy (LORD, please keep him healthy this time!), and photo ops with Brent Spiner and John DeLancie. I have not bought those tickets yet because I am still trying to decide whether or not I want to buy the duo-photo op with Brent and John Frakes. As a student without a regular income, that is a lot of cash for me to spend. . . bah. We shall see.

So, kiddies, when you go to the Chicago convention and see Data walking around. . . {coughs loudly} 


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I'm going to the convention in Las Vegas! I am beyond excited!

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Going to Boston and Chicago Conventions.  So excited, these are my first conventions!


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I had the opportunity to go to Starfest in Denver last April.  I've got my hotel for the Las Vegas con in August.  I can't wait. 

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I'll be going to Chicago this year! I went last year and it was as blasty blast. I only bought basic tickets so this year I splurged on the gold package! I've decided I'm making it an annual event for me. Maybe next year I'll go to the Vegas convention. 


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Anybody travelling to chicago convention from SF bay area?

Lillith Nosche

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I'm going to New York Comic Con with a bunch of friends in October. Definitely excited!

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This year I went to Dragon*Con 2011.  It was amazing! I got to meet Brent Spiner, Wil Wheaton, and Gates McFadden.

I'm really excited this year becuase I get to attend my very first Star Trek Convention, Trek Trax Atlanta in April 2012!  I can hardly wait!!!

I also go to any small misc. conventions in my area. Any chance to put on a Starfleet uniform is one I'll take!

...I really wish I could've gone to the Las Vegas or Chicago Convention though. Too far away, and too expensive.

I hope everyone who goes has as much fun as possible though!


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Sorry if this appears twice. I think I hit the wrong button.

Our family is going to Starbase Indy at Indianapolis Dec. 9-11. I'm looking forward to seeing John Billingsley (Dr. Phlox on Enterprise) and how he interacts with his wife Bonnie Friedericy (Gen. Beckman on NBC's Chuck) on stage. Plus Morgan Gendel, who wrote the TNG episode Inner Light and won a Hugo for it. And Deborah Downey, the hippie who sang with Spock on The Way to Eden episode.

The convention is smaller and fan-run, and the stars feel so at ease that they often are seen walking around the hotel. Several years ago, James Doohan shared a few drinks with fans in the hotel bar!

There's plenty to do other than see the stars. You can do karaoke, enter a bat-leth contest, learn about makeup and costumes, or play the arcade games one fan is bringing. Or do some filking, which is being brought back this year. Oh, and Dean Haglund, who played computer geek Langly in the X-Files, is bringing his film, The Truth is Out There.

If your family's not into Trek, they can take the kids to the Children's Museum in Indianapolis. It's a great place, four stories of interactive stuff, and you can easily spend a day in there if you're a kid at heart.

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