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Of ALL the Trek Stars from ALL the series


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I'd also like to spend some time with the Boothby character - he seems very wise.


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Quote: HisRoyalHighnessTheKing @ Mar. 22 2011, 11:04 pm


>No one.

>One should never meet their heroes.


Curios as to why you feel this way, do you think they’d disappoint you, do you prefer to think of them as only the roles they played? Both, something else, I would very much like to know.

Also, @mccoyfan45, that moment was from the first Trekkies movie. 

Ok, I deserve a NerdAlert for that one.

Jolan Tru, may your day be filled with peace.


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Gods, only one???

Michael Dorn is my pick. I don't know why, he's the first one that came to my mind. Maybe it's because I want to see more of him without the Worf getup.

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i have to go for Johd de Lancie.

His flamboyant portrayal of Q was always a joy to watch. he always made things interesting for the crew too.


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What about them? Frakes has never written or produced Trek movies or episodes. Shatner has no producer credits.

William Shatner ( under his name click on producer and you will see all the stuff he produced

Jonathan Frakes ( same deal.

So, my original statement stands: Nimoy is the only Trek big-shot ever to act, write, produce, and direct Trek. He's also appeared in 3 "incarnations" of Trek (TOS, TNG, JJVerse). There's nobody in the franchise with that resume, and there's noobdy I'd rather meet if I had only one choice.

you never said Trek, only Act, Write, Direct, and Produce (in fact your exact words were: The only Star Trek star to have acting, writing, producing, and directing credits.)

Not sure why that was so difficult for you.

well if you had not left out that you were talking about only trek projects then there wouldn't have been any missunderstanding. 

BTW, Shatner did do all of them for trek. he wrote Trek V, as well as Captains of the Final Frontier, and How William Shatner Changed the world, Produced Captains of the Final Frontier, directed Trek V and Captains, and of cource you already know his acting jobs.

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Our Star Trek Fan Club - The USS Code Talker - was honored to participate in security for George Takei and Ethan Phillips when they were special guests of the UFO Festival in Roswell, New Mexico

George - as always had wonderful stories of filming with the crew of ST:III

Ethan was very personable especially when he posed for photographs with the stand-up cut out of Neelix.

We also got to see Scotty the second to the last convention he was at in El Paso, TX - way cool.  And at his memorial in Alamogordo, New Mexico before his ashes were launched into space at the New Mexico Space Port.

These and other stars have been great, but I'd really like to sing a duet with Data.  *sigh*

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