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Voyager movie.


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>I'm under no mistaken assumptions, I genuinely think they could have made some of their doubled episodes into movies. I didn't say I wanted them to make a VOY movie because it was unfair TOS and TNG got.

>This topic is just speculation as it is because they wouldn't get the original cast back together to make a movie and there would be no point recasting it because most people now weren't old enough to remember it and if they were, they weren't big fans. If you pull 10 random people from the street and ask them what their favourite star trek era is about 6/7 will say they didn't like it and about 2 will say TNG because it's the one most people will remember and the remaining two will probably (if you're lucky and pull someone of the right age) say TOS.


Another poorly thought out fabrication of course of assumed facts based only on a singular view of self indulgence.

But if I had to project the odds, which is the best any one could due, TOS would once again come out on top as being the most remembered Star Trek. Age of a person has little to do with it.

A poll here on the subject has little baring on actual numbers since only a small fraction of the fan base actually visit or post on this site. There are un told millions world wide who never visit this site. Doesn't make them any less important...but shows they have more important concerns in their lives.

Better indicators come from conventions, which have typically shown TOS as being the front runner to the dismay of the die hard TNG fans. The problem most TNG have is realizing they can't up stage a classic and TNG never will.

It is my belief that TNG briefly enjoyed a leading position merely because TOS wasn't re-created sooner.

Syndication of TNG was a wise move, because selling the program to a hundred mini markets instead of one network helped maintain it's ratings. Had it been on a single network, TNG would have been canceled sooner even then TOS.

But I must point out, that had NBC used the new Nelson rating system a few weeks earlier before TOS was canceled, they would have discovered Star Trek was a hit with just the target audience they were after .Unfortunately that did not happen until it was too late and once the cancel order went out, the sound stages were in fact broken down with in days.



The thing that irritates me the most is the insecurity of fans of the other shows and how it drives them to this negative attitude toward TOS.

Get over it, folks. Just becuase the modern era shows will never be considered classics because they were all derivitive spin-offs of the original doesn't make them any less special or well-done. But, these fans are soooo insecure about things that they have to CONSTANTLY beat the drum for the "VOYAGER IS THE BEST" campaign or whatever, like it's some kind of damned competition. I've never understood it. Why does everything have to be "THIS vs. THAT" amongst the fans? It's all Star Trek. Are you really all that insecure that you have to advocate for what you think is "THE BEST" and shit all over everything else constantly? Enough already.



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If there is ever a fan letter-writing campaign to try and get a Voyager film made - I'm going to start one to try and stop it!


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As long as The Doctor is in it, I'd watch it... But it would probably be just a few die-hard trekkies who woould dare to watch it after J J Abrams betrayed us with the "Alternate Universe" drivel.

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Quote: DocFanFive @ Mar. 20 2011, 12:53 pm


>As long as The Doctor is in it, I'd watch it... But it would probably be just a few die-hard trekkies who woould dare to watch it after J J Abrams betrayed us with the "Alternate Universe" drivel.






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I understand the desire of VOY fans to have a movie. I feel the same way about DS9, but I have to agree with those who've said that there wasn't then, and isn't now, a feasible way that it could happen.

I think that DS9 might have been able to have a miniseries or made-for-tv movie at one time, more quickly after the series ended, but at this point I feel that that bird has irrevocably flown. (Even if most of the cast is still young enough to pull it off).

Hollywood is a cruel and very limited beastie, unfortunately. We can't get leading female roles in practically anything beyond the stereotyped "chick flick", because media execs still think women aren't marketable to mass audiences (despite the fact that mass audiences are half female), let alone get films for spin-off shows with only a cult following.

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Voyager made it home to the Alpha Quadrant at the end of the series. What is there that is left to tell? Trying to squeeze anymore of a story out of Voyager to put together a movie would probably suck. Besides, I agree that no one would see it except ppl who were big fans of the series.


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I don't want any more of the story, I just thought it would have been nice to have one during the series.


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It'd be a great film and I would love it, IF it was done right. It can be just as bad as good

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