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Why no security cameras in constant use in DS9?


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Really, every security office in malls/businesses/etc. has a bunch of monitors that are constantly being viewed by a security officer.  So why were there no monitor's in Odo's office?  Maybe there was another room where a lower-level security dude was monitoring, but still.  On top of that, sometimes things happened on the station like in the corridors, Quark's, cargo bays, etc., that had to be investigated by Odo.  Why couldn't they just go to the video?  With advanced tech in the future, you would think that every inch of the station, except living quarters, was constantly being videoed ALL the time.  They should be able to keep records going back several years.  I think there was even one episode where one of the crew had the novel idea of installing cameras after an incident!  


One of the things I liked about the Abrams movie was when they went to a video of the "intruder alert" of Kirk and Scotty beaming into the engine room.  They should have been doing that in DS9 as well.


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One of the reoccurring arguments Odo has with Sisko is in the matter of station security, where Odo wants the freedom to run it like he did with the Cardassians which would limit the crimes occurring on the station, but Sisko reminds him it is a Federation run station now that protects the rights and freedoms of individuals even if that means surrendering some safety for liberty. JJ's god awful movie was about a military vessel, whereas DS9 is a Bajoran owned and Federation run civilian facility with defensive weaponry. Even Picard's Enterprise D didn't have a promenade or shop owners guild.

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Perhaps the Cardassians didn't want this so if the Federation ever got the station (like they did), they couldn't have any proof of the Cardassians' torture of the Bajorans. And, with the constant breaking of the station, the Federation never got around to installing them. I don't know, but this sounded pretty good to me.

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Perhaps in the future, "signal-jamming" technology has out-paced suveilance technology? So there's no point in installing cameras that'll easily be "jammed" by the "bad guys" that one wants to catch? Does that answer work O.K.? One can extend the concept to basic universal "field-jamming" on a planet-based battlefield situation, where tricorders, communicators, transporter beams, radio,etc... doesn't work, and war takes place  under more primative conditions (rightfully so, symbolically speaking). Just a thought.


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I just watched Star Trek III: Search for Spock.  In the beginning of the film, they were looking at video logs of Spock's death in engineering.

Also, in TOS ep "Court Martial," they had video "tapes" of Kirk on the bridge.  Of course, they were tampered with.

On DS9, however, they did not have much video. 

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