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Who's a better captain: Kirk or Picard?

Jim Kirk

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Kirk is better.  Picard cried! Kirk dies and he just said Oh MY.


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Let's compare the beginning and ending of Kirk and Picard.

Kirk beginning Star Trek Where No man Has gone Before takes on a friend turned god that would've taken over the galaxy. (gary mitchell as shown in gods of men) or if you go by the new abrams movie. he saved the federation from a future romulan with red matter black hole tech.

Kirk TOS ending- swapped bodies with janice Lester but heck what man could say they've been a woman and a man.

Kirk ending- saves the federation from ongoing war with the klingons in star trek Vi.

Final acts of courage saving the Enterprise-B from the energy ribbon and taking the fall for Picard so he can destroy the sun destroying probe.

Picard Encounter at farpoint- surrenders to Q.

Picard All good things- saved humanity from the anti-time phenomenon but was thrown a clue by Q here and there.

Picard in Nemesis- stopped his evil clone shinzon from destroying the federation in a thaleron cloaked ship but lost data in the battle.

Winner- Kirk. Kirk did more with less clues thrown his way. 

         Also Q would not mess with Kirk.

"take us out"...

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