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Picard & Vash

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Oh, I think he was attracted to her, but it wasn't love.  This was Hollywood Love where they have an adventures, get physical and, all of a sudden, that's supposed to be love. 

He never talked about her after she left with Q and never asked Q about her on his subsequent appearances. You'd think, if he really loved her, he'd say, "By the way, Q, I hope you haven't reneged on your promise that Vash would not be harmed."  

I guess they assume that Picard read Sisko's report of their appearance on DS9 and that Sisko knew that Q and Vash had broken things off...or something.

It wasn't the greatest DS9 episode, but I thought Q and Vash had great chemistry.  They were pretty funny. 


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I'm still surprised by the mixed reactions expressed in this thread ...

And even though TNG had a couple episodes with her, the proof's in the pudding,
that they didn't keep bringing her back. But she was Picard's Greatest Adventure!



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I think that it was very interesting (Vash, in general, and her and Picard's thing) , but it couldn't really happen. And, overall, I didn't really care.


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