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Picard & Vash

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Created by: 2takesfrakes


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It's got what it takes.
So, tell me, why can't this be love?
I want it ... straight from the heart ...


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No, no, no. I didn't like Picard with Vash at all. He seemed more like a person he met on Risa to pass the time you know, not someone truly special. Besides, she even betrayed him in "Captain's Holiday"!

No, I liked Picard with Crusher a whole lot better.

Straight from my heart.

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Vash was just a fling, someone he cared about but could never have a real relationship with. Plus, as we all know, Picard loves Beverly. Only she is just to silly to let anything actually happen between them, which made so many fans angry, including myself.


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Not a fan.

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I found her highly attractive. No doubt she aroused Picard with her beauty and mystery but she lacked culture and refinement.

Neela Darin was perfect, more so than Crusher.


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The only thing that they had in common was archeology, but Vash was way to childish for Picard.


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Not his type. I was at a loss as to why he got this holiday fling for her anyway. They seemed to have nothing in common save for a love for archeology. Liked him a lot better with that musician/stellar cartographer! Or Beverly :-)

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She was utterly gorgeous

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She was WAY too young for him.

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It's not just that they didn't seem to fit together, and that she was a bit young, but also that I think Picard and Beverly or (my personal favorite) Picard and Kamala went to gether much better (Yeah, I know saying Kamala was perfect for Picard probably doesn't count because of the fact that she was an empathic metamorph, but they were perfect together.). Plus Vash just annoyed the crap out of me, and she obviously didn't care about Picard, she left him for Q!


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I thought the chick from "Insurrection" was PERFECT for Picard, even though she never got aroung to learning to swim!

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I love the Picard/Vash pairing!  I'm constantly admiring writer Ira Steven Behr who created Vash for the series.  The character is an explorer with an expertise in archaeology, an adventurer, a female Indiana Jones.  In the episodes where she appears, this beautiful brunette, with her beguiling smile and blue eyes, manages to charm not only the good captain of the Enterprise but the omnipotent Q as well.

I've always seen the Picard/Vash relationship as an homage to the great romantic film pairings of the 40's. Vash is Bacall to Picard's Bogart.   The very compelling 'battle of wills' dynamic to the Picard/Vash relationship is reminiscent of Bogart and Bacall in the classic movie "To Have and Have Not."  Vash's brazenness complements Picard's more sedate personality perfectly.  She is the ideal foil for Picard's straight man. The characterizations and relationship dynamics between Picard and Vash makes this pairing a pure joy to watch.

Who else would tell Captain Jean-Luc Picard in a sexy purr, "This isn't a starship, Jean-Luc. I don't follow orders."

And when she breaks into the captain's quarters, does Picard call security? No. He has her spend the night with him and feeds her breakfast the next morning.

This woman is too cool!

Warmest Wishes,

Whoa Nellie

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Quote: FleetAdmiral_BamBam @ Mar. 16 2011, 7:09 am


>The only thing that they had in common was archeology, but Vash was way to childish for Picard.

I think the word you're looking for is not 'childish', but 'fun'.


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Hmm... not exactly a fan of Picard-Crusher... I kept expecting something to actually happen with them near the end of the series, and when it didn't I was frakkking pissed.

Picard is old and fat. Vash is young and sho shexshee!

(Yeahhp... I know Picard's not fat...)


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Quote: iBorg13 @ Apr. 14 2011, 6:59 pm


>Picard is old and fat. Vash is young and sho shexshee!

By this I meant they are incompatttttabllleee(sp)

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