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TAS Remastered

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Created by: Zaltar


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Would you like to see 'Star Trek: The Animated Series' remastered with new starship visuals (similar to what was done to TOS)?  The same starship visuals were used over and over provinding little if any new scenes.

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There was no option for both?!?

Because that would be my answer.

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Honestly there is not much they could do. The visuals and sound quality is intentionally simple, and Blu Ray would be a waste with 70's era animation. I would like them to release more background docs and so forth. 

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Remastering TAS would take away all of its 70's Filmation character.


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I'd love to see TAS both remastered and on Blu ray. And I agree that I think all of Star Trek could use getting remastered. Enterprise is probably still recent enough to be left alone, but all the other shows could definitely use updating on their special effects. Voyager especially. Some of the CGI effects on Voyager just always looked so terrible and fake to me. Seeing some updated effects added would be pretty awesome.


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I wouldn't go out and purchase them again - there's only 22 shows and they're all half hour block.


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Remastering would not bring out any new detail, nor any new sounds. Very simple animation, simple sounds and music. It is fine as is.

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If re-mastering TAS comes out only half as good as re-mastered TOS, I will be pleased.

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I would say the remastering should correct the production errors that were found in various episodes.

There were color discrepancies as Hal Sutherland was colorblind and would color gray as pink.

Also, there were uniform errors in episodes. In various shots, Kirk wears a red operations uniform, McCoy wears a gold command shirt and Chapel wears a red operations uniform.

There were instances of "misplaced characters" appearing in shots due to recycled footage.

So, in short, the remastering should fix color issues and continuity issues, not necessarily completely new shots. Some touching up of the quality couldn't hurt either.


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Quote: Caesar753 @ Mar. 14 2011, 7:19 pm


>Remastering TAS would take away all of its 70's Filmation character.


Exactly! What would be the point? The original format was very limited, but you just have to accept it for what it is/was. Just because something could be changed doesn't mean it should be. The situation with TOS is quite different. On Blu-Ray you have to option to watch either remastered or original anyway ...

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No. Leave it alone. Look what cgi did to star wars.

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