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Why do we never see a toilet in ST?


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They also mentioned and/or used toilets in ENTERPRISE

In Similitude

SIM: (sitting in the hatch of pod one) I was all ready to do it.
ARCHER: What stopped you?
SIM: Where the hell was I going to go? We're nowhere near any habitable planet. Didn't really want to spend the rest of my life floating around in a shuttlepod which doesn't even have any toilet facilities. Can you imagine a lousier way to spend your old age? Cooped up in that thing, peeing in a bottle? Actually, I can imagine a worse fate.
ARCHER: What would that be?
SIM: Being stuck in there with Malcolm. Damn, this is a screwed up situation.
ARCHER: I can't argue with you there.


In Observer Effect

ARCHER: Trip, how you feeling?
TUCKER: Like I've been gut-punched by a Tellarite.
HOSHI; Doctor, should we start with the bio-gel?
PHLOX: Not until we know what we're dealing with. Three other landing parties returned from the surface with no ill effects.
ARCHER: We need to check out the shuttlepod, too. See if any of its environmental systems were at fault.
TUCKER: I can do that, Captain. I should've thought of that myself.
ARCHER: Stay where you are, Trip. Phlox needs blood samples.
PHLOX: Here's the medkits.
(he puts them through the decon chamber wall but as Hoshi comes to get them, she starts coughing)
ARCHER: Hoshi, what is it?
HOSHI: Before Commander Tucker passed out, he started coughing.
PHLOX: Are you feeling any other symptoms?
(she dashes into the bathroom and throws up)
TUCKER: I'm going to guess that's a yes.

And again in a deleted scene from Unexpected

TUCKER: If you'll excuse me, I'm not feeling very well.
T'POL: Perhaps a little lunch might help. I hear Chef has prepared Rigelian sausage. (Tucker groans) Being vegetarian I can't speak from experience, but I'm told it's quite succulent.
TUCKER: I think I'm just going to go lie down for a while.
REED: Commander, if we tune the UV sensors to the omicron band, we should be able to isolate their plasma trail a good deal faster. Do you think you could spare a minute just to help me recalibrate them?
TUCKER: I'm afraid this isn't a very good time. (makes a dash for another door, hand over mouth, noises of being sick out of camera shot

Presumably this was in the bathroom as well!

TRIP:I'm only kidding. You look nice like this. Kind of like an old oil painting. T'POL:I'm not old. I will only be sixty six years old on my next birthday. TRIP:I can't believe you told me that. T'POL:You accused me of looking old. TRIP:That's not what I mean. I've been trying to get you to tell me your age since we left Spacedock. Why now? T'POL:To Vulcans, certain information is considered intimate. TRIP:Intimate?


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Rom, also mentions in an episode he has to go to waste extraction. At the end of the scene where they first talk about the mines.

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^ Call to Arms.

"Waste extraction" is mentioned several times during the run of DS9 actually... Mostly as one of the more undesirable places to work.


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Do you ever see cleaner's?


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