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Will we ever travel through space in the way we see in Star Trek or is it just a complete fantasy?

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Created by: Lewis00069


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After we die and become a missing energy surge. We will find out that the next dimension will be like a holo deck. So if you want to be on a star ship that is exactly where you will be. In 20 years or so, When my time comes. I'll meet you on 10 foward for a drink. I'm buying



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I voted the first one, because it sure seems like faster-than-light travel is kind of out of the question. We at least need to figure out how to get a man on Mars first. (Or a woman! Secretly me being the first female on Mars has always been my dream..........LOL)

The problem is, the Millenium Gate wasn't built in the year 2000, like they said in Voyager. If I ever had any belief, that is what dashed my hope, so I don't know.

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I watched the TNG episode "Royale" tonight, and they said that by 2037 there had been three manned attempts to leave the solar system.  So we still have time for that, at least!

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I truly hope this goal is accomplished but it seems to be getting farther and farther away.

Live long and prosper. (not very original huh)


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we'll be lucky to have sub light speed engines by the 22nd century.


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Hopes and dreams... Many of us have those related to interstelar voyages, at least is good to know that the mathematical theory for warp speed do exist right now, impractical thoug given the incredible amounts of energy this theory says is necessary even for a test, but nonetheless there is that. Is sad as is said above, none of us will live to see the humanity wander throug space, but we have ST don't we? as captain Maulin sais: If you can't do it, dream...

to live is... fascinating


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Will we travel through space? Yes. Like ST? Probably not. I'm not even going to address current governments because it is immaterial. Most great achievements in science have come from a few individuals who pushed forward with or without government assistance. Someone will make an advance/discovery in knowledge or technology. Then, someone else will build upon what was laid before. And things we currently see as limitations (e.g., speed of light) may in fact not be limitations at all OR there may be principles at play that we have yet to discover that would enable fast, inter/intragalaxy exploration.

And (putting on my Gloria Gaynor afro wig), we will survive. Humans. Now, whether it is the happy, almost utopia envisioned by GR or a "we killed mostly every damn body and screwed up the earth" future, who knows.

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Star Trek is a wonderful Future to hope for, unfortunately i doubt it'll ever happen until human kind grows up and stops fighting each other. As "Q" says, We are a Dangerous, Savage, Childrace. and thats true. 


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I truly hope we can one day but not untill our people learn that instead of bettering our pockets we need to better ourselves and our way of life..Then maybe we can finally put the effort needed into actually creating the technology we need to embark on such journeys.


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Star Trek is fantasy about a Humanity that does not exist who have accomplished things that the real Human Race is not capable of.

The Human Race is ticking closer to it's extinction point because the more we learn the less likely we will be cappable of utilising that knoledge in the best way.

Issac Asimov once postulated that we may be geneticaly programmed to destroy ourselves when we attain a sufficiently high level of intelligence.

That may be where we are now.

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