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Andorians in Enterprise


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Quote: Ghostmojo @ Jun. 08 2011, 1:11 pm


>It was good to see them fleshed out in ENT. They were never really given much chance in TOS. But then, I guess they were seen as very incidental in the original series. It was often up to later versions to go back and redevelop these ideas.



I concur! Commander Shran was an awesome character and Jeffery Combs was the perfect actor to portray him. Shran made me fall in love with Andorians. I enjoyed seeing more of the Andorian culture, seeing the Aenar, etc. It's  a shame the show was cancelled, especially since many rumors had it that Shran was going to become a regular if it went another season. I hope if we return to 24th century Trek, we get more Andorian exposure. 

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  I hope so too. WODS9 "Andorian" novel was one of my favourites, and it didn't even feature any canon characters. But this too was chockers with Andorians.

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Yes more Andorians in other series would have been great!!!


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it was great that they expanded on the Andorians, loved it.  Loved that there femaales are bigger than the males, and there conflict with Vulcan.


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Shran is awesome! 

A little while ago I got reading through all the ENT story summaries on the database, and the second I would see the word "Andorian" my brain would go "Shran!"  and sure enough, two sentences later, it would say "and then Shran..."  Or something like that.

I like Shran.

Shran is awesome!


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I really enjoyed the relationship between Archer and Shraan, the respect they had for one another was strong.

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