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Why does Patrick Stewart Refuse to Sign Star Trek Items?


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Quote: odoisdabomb @ Mar. 23 2011, 3:57 am


>Is it possible he is like Alec Guinness in that he is tired of only being considered  famous for his role of Picard?


Yes, its called typecasting, when actor is so strongly identified with a role which makes it difficult for him or her to find work playing other characters.

He probably just wanna move on with his career!

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Sometimes celebs really just don't sign things because they think its just going to end up on eBay or something. There is a similar vid of Gene Simmons from KISS not doing an autograph and he blatantly accuses the guy of just being a dealer. I think people can usually tell when they are dealing with a genuine fan or not.


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Has anyone else seen the interview he did years ago on that British show The Kumars at Number ... something oh crap I forgot the number. Anyway, the point being...

They brought up the question of why don't you like talking about Star Trek, and he said basically that he doesn't dislike Star Trek at all. He said he quite likes Star Trek, but that he has done other stuff too. Something like that anyway.

I haven't heard any of those stories about not signing star trek stuff... But then he has said that he does not dislike Star Trek at all. (Although anyone who dislikes Star Trek would not have come back for all those movies after the end of the series run!!)


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Quote: beverlypicard_4eva @ Apr. 01 2011, 12:33 pm


>He often says in interviews that he dislikes being introduced as 'Star Trek's Sir Patrick Stewart' - he'd rather not have himself associated with one show over everything else he's done. Obviously he will always be best remembered for Star Trek but he just hates that it gets attached to his name, as if he's never been in anything else. Which, considering that he's one the greatest Shakespearean actors out there, I can understand.

>However, I hope he does sign the odd thing - I'm seeing him in Merchant of Venice in August and really hoping to catch him at the stage door afterwards. I would LOVE to get both him and Gates McFadden (who I'm seeing at a convention in May YESSS!!!!) to sign the same photo of them together. I would be so happy if that happened, I might up and die right there. Perhaps if he can see there's a personal story or interest, then he wouldn't mind, because he knows it's not for eBay?


Awesome! Good luck with aquiring your signatures. Let us know how it turns out.

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