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Favourite movie

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Although, I did like the Motion Picture... Despite the great multitudes of people who are under the impression that it didn't fit in the timeline. Come ON, people! It's not supposed to!

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TUC was a great sendoff.  Khan would be ranked 1st had Kirk and Khan had actually been in the same room together...but I understand why they were not.

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I voted for TSFS even though TWOK, TVH, FC and TUC were very good.  I think the TSFS is an underrated film that has holds up well overtime.  The bird-of-prey decloaking for the first time was pretty damn cool.  I've only seen parts of TMP so I really can't decide where that movie falls on my list.  I saw INS once and that was enough for me.  I know ST09 gets a lot of hate on these boards, but I thought it was pretty well done.

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There are several; The Wrath of Khan, The Voyage Home, Undiscovered Country, Generations, First Contact. Those films show the diversity and challenges of the crews.


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I (Sadly) Haven't watched enough of TOS to fully love the movies. I did like the whale one! It was fillmed very close to where I live, at the monteray bay aquarium (I live in santa cruz).


But I have to say my favorite is defianately "First Contact" It's great to get to see that Star Trek History in action.


I also noticed in "Year of hell: Part 1" Seven of Nine mentions that The first Warp ship, was called the Pheonix, and Kim thinks that she must have good memory on human history, when she mentions "No, but the Borg were there. It's a long story"


She mentions first contact the movie^


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Undiscovered country is my first favorite.Then in second it would be First Contact ,great action sequences especially worf commanding the Defiant. Then third would have to be Generations, I like the uniform thing going on i get a little bit of a kick from that,


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I loved The Wrath of Kahn. The story line to me was very cool reaching all the way back to Space Seed in TOS. Kahn seemed to be a worthy opponent for Kirk and to see them throw down again all those years later was a really good story. I know I will probably be scorned for this but...... I really liked The Motion Picture. Even though the story may have been a bit weak and slow the movie itself was absolutely beautiful to watch. I was a big fan of the darker sets and the level of realizem put into it. ALSO, it has THE BEST Warp Speed shots. None of the other films used the Warp Speed effects in TMP which was a shame in my book. All n all I would say TWOK is my fav.


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First Contact was and is my favorite but the newst movie really works for me, I didn't love everything. I take issue with the interior of the Enterprise, especially the bridge but good story, SEXY cast, and the characters felt right.

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