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Star Trek ringtones


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My text message tone is the sound of the doorbell on TNG.  As heard repeatedly here:

What ST sounds are on your phone, and how do you use them?


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I have several:

1)  "Priority One Message from Starfleet coming in on secure channel" - use for when my wife calls.

2)  "Incoming transmission" for most other calls

3)  "Captain Spock… Space shuttle leaving in 15 minutes…" - use for appointment reminders.

4)  "Red Alert" - used for calls from people I don't trust.

5)  Trek whistle (Boatswain's call) - use for all text messages


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No, mine's a Doctor Who ringtone:


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I have the trek whistle for my alarm and rightone... I also switch to the TOS communicator beeps  or theme song. : )


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I don't have a Trek ringtone, but I really need to get one. But I would love to have a TNG or Voyager ringtone, (or the Doctor singing "El Donne Mobile", lol) and for text I would love to have the communicator beep from Voyager. Or the Voyager doorbell thing.

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I have two!

1. is the sound of a Kirk era-communicator as it is being flipped open.

2. the other is Bridge to Captain Kirk in Uhura's voice.


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1.I have worf saying 'Captain,incoming message' as my message tone,its awesome!


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All notifications are the communicator sound, incoming call is Data’s Life Forms song. And my alarm is a roster, completely unrelated to ST. Though I’ve been thinking of changing it to a classic telephone ring, such as in Phantasms.

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All of thoise sound so cool.  I have a company cell phone and I cant recieve emails or texts just calls.  any idea how I could get a cool ring tone?

I want TOS communicator opening sound.


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I have the TOS communicator chirp as my message tone.

I'm considering changing my ringtone from "A Hard Day's Night" to one of the Star Trek theme tunes, but I like The Beatles as much as I like Star Trek, so I'll pribably keep it how it is for the moment.

(Maybe I'll go for one of the more obscure folksier Beatles sonds from ~'65 instead - a lot of those are better than people give them credit for)


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Dendodge, you just made my day! I too love The Beatles, probably they only competition Trek has in my life XD And yeah, those songs from 65 are grand, but then there really aren’t any songs of theirs I am against.

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