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Should star trek online really have a monthly fee?

Matthias Russell

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I don't know. The Mr Potatohead is pretty lame. Not paying for that!


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mr potato head???


never seen that?!?!?!

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Not to much money, i take it back i dont think it should have a fee, if it didnt have a fee, i would play it!!!!


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it shoudl have a fee, big time.

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I bought the Lifetime Subscription. It is a lot to play a game, but I am in it for the long haul, especially with all the content they have been laying on us lately.

After about a year of playing it paid for itself.


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Usually when there is no fee...there is a pay store to buy advantages or extra content. I've played games where they advertise being Free-to-Play but you are extremely limited in what you can do. The C-Store has some cool things but nothing really game breaking like some other MMOs with a store. So I think the fee is understandable...although my wife may disagree...


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i would think sub fees would drive development. c-store seems like it has too many 50% off sales to be doing well enough to support game costs.

Six of Nine

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Quote: Sigurth @ May. 03 2011, 11:57 am


>i would think sub fees would drive development. c-store seems like it has too many 50% off sales to be doing well enough to support game costs.


There is only like 1 a year of 50% off. 

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No.  The quality of the game does not warrant the $15/mo.  Many games (see S. Korea game industry) are free to play and run entirely off of microtransactions.  The C-Store has proven that people are willing to pay (quite a bit) for cosmetic things like uniforms and ships.


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I think there's enough variety to justify it.

Besides, the'kll be Star trek Infinate Space soon enough, which is free to play.

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I'll stick with Bridge Commander. I buy it and don't have to pay every month.

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I tried the game, but this computer is just too slow. It won't ever load.


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With me, it was never the issue of price, it's usually the issue of time. I don't mind paying $15/month if I can play the game a couple times a week. However, I can hardly play 3-4 times a month, so a price tag like that is a bit excessive. So I decided to take a hiatus until I get more time to play.


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I haven't played it yet. I have a month of free trial play, but I haven't used it yet. I want to use it when I have time to play; which is why I was waiting for summer to play, and now I'm waiting for musical to be over. If I'm not going to be able to play as much as I want, then I'm not going to pay $15. I'm hoping next summer I'll have time to play.

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Absolutley it should.  I'm thrilled that they havne't planned any paid expansions and that after 16 months the game has gotten better, has way more content, and better graphics.  To add to that I can recruit new friends and players with a very small cost to entry.  They get all the content for about $10 and it comes with a month free.  WoW would cost you... on sale mind you... $20 for vanilla, $20 for BC, $30 for wrath, and $40 for cata.  Awesome $110 there and when they add new content half of it is quests that only apply to levelling characters and can't be done for fun later, at least not any margin of challenge.  STO has scaling difficulty in missions both on your level, how many members in your party, and the innate difficulty level you choose on a per-mission basis.  It has a very successful appeal to a broad variety of players, and if you're a Star Trek fan with a penchant for games and a PC that can run it ABSOLUTELY give it a try.

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