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Which ST character do you hate the most


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Quote: Milo T'Kairum Vega @ May. 05 2011, 8:20 am


>Cardassian/Ferengi: I just...I'm at a point to where I almost can't handle watching an episode with Ferengi featured. They're so annoying and just utterfly atrocious that watching them makes me feel like somebody is trying to ruin a great series. I understand the point of their existing, and that's all I need to know. Cardassian? I just really dislike them. Their story just goes around in circle to me.


Even Garak??!

I have a confession to make. First time I saw DS9, I wasn't fond of Cardassians either -- something about their make up; they always looked like the side of their necks had some kind of massive tension strain. But now that I have learned a lot more about their culture and character, I think that most of them are fantastic!

Ferengi too are quite good now that they have become individuals to me. The "circular" nature to the Cardassians' stories may have something to do with their culture and way of thinking. Very much to do with either blunt directness or layer upon layer of secrecy, innuendo and hidden meaning.

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