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Your greatest Star Trek Convention moment?


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Report this Feb. 27 2011, 4:33 pm

Well, I have only been to one convention thus far... last year I went to my first in Chicago because it was close by.

I would have to say that my best moment was that moment I realized that I, as Data, had won everyone's hearts and I had won first place in the costume contest... my first time, and I was the youngest contestant. I think that even if I ever had a chance to win again, it would never be the same!


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Last year in Vegas when a group of friends and I got photobombed by William Shatner!


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The night I spent with Seven of nine

To bad I had gone to bed alone and woke up the same way.

There was this TOS Lt in a Studio costume that was a good friend


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I guess my best was my first one I went to William Shatner was there and I got to meet him. It was a fun experience I'll never forget. I only wish I had been going to them sooner. I was 18 at my first one.

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I would have to say meeting Brent Spiner was the best part, however, there were many great aspect, such as most of the other fans there, very fun and nice, easy to meet cool new people.

Because I have to add this, bad parts were trying to get good seats at panels, if you want one of the front rows you have to get there right when the exhibition hall opens and sit through all the other panels, very annoying especially when you forget to eat breakfast. Also, the crowds are ridiculous, and the lines for autographs, you generally have to get there about an hour early for the popular people such as Shatner, basically any TOS, and Wil Wheaton XD. If you go on one of the less busy days lines are not too bad and you only have to get there about half hour early, or less, and the crowds can be nonexistent.

All things considered, it was grand and I suggest that if you have the opportunity to attend a Con, you should definitely go!

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Quote: 267198ed @ Mar. 14 2011, 4:14 pm


>I would have to say meeting Brent Spiner was the best part...


I'll bet you know what I'm going to say now, right?

I want to meet Brent Spiner so bad right now its killing me!!! arrrrgh!

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Top Convention Experiences:

*A fan in 1992 asking Patrick Stewart if he would marry his mother.  Mr. Stewart responded, "Normally, I don't answer questions like that but I'm going to this time.  First I'd like to know if your mom is the woman sitting next to you with her face buried in her hands. Because if she is, I think you're going to be in a lot of trouble when you get home."

* Walter Keonig rattling off the Green Lantern oath upon seeing my Green Lantern jersey.

* Anytime I see George Takei.

* My one convention with James Doohan. I'm so glad to have met him before he passed away. 

* Last year, getting a picture with John De Lancie.  Really nice guy.

* Marina Sirtis describing crashing the Enterprise.  "No one told me where the brakes were!".

There are lots more.






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I've been to several conventions, I think the greatest moment was in Niagara Falls Canada. They were having a strictly Klingon convention so the ship I belonged to had to go. I ran into J.D. Cullum who played Duras' son. I promptly began conversing with him about a group photo with the Duras family. The final day of the convention we got it as the Ship memebers were called to the stage and we got the picture with J.D., Gwynth, and Barbara. It was a triumph for the (now decommisioned) I.K.V. Cloaked Vengence.  

Then there was the one time I met James Doohan who was such a pleasent man but I must say just loved his life He also barganed for kisses from each of the lady friends I was with even though they were Klingon.

And finaly I come to the man James T Kirk. I and most of the male crue from the ship at the time were privalged to be the Honor Guard for him in Deerborn MI.


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Greatest convention moment...

Getting to sit down and talk with J.G. Hertzler [Martok], Robert O’Reilly [Gowron], Christopher Lloyd [Kruge], and Jacob Kogan [Spock] at the Klingon Blood Brunch in Chicago.




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My greatest moment was meeting Jimmy Doohan at a Houston convention back in 1990-91. I too am glad I had the chance to meet him and was able to get a photo with him.



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In the late 90's my son and I were at a con at home here in minneapolis. my son was 13 i think. We were in line for Ethan Phillips autogragh (Neelix).They said to not talk too much to stars to help keep line moving. We got up to him, my son looks at Ethan Phillips and says" My name is Ethan too!" Mr phillips put down his marker, smiled and asked my son to come around to back side of table. they talked for little over 5minutes!" Ethan Phillips made fans for life from the both of us.

Then a few years later we were in a chicago con. We had gotten to know Richard Arnold a little. It was time for autographs. Richard walked up to us and said he needed help, would we help? We followed him behind stage. He sat me down next to Robert Picardo and My son down next to Ethan Phillips!! we took the pics/items to be autographed and handed them to the stars! It was a great time. And when the session was over we got to sit and chat with them and they peronalized both our photos!


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Hard to say my only convention was Chicago '10 but it was filled with great moments like having a beautiful woman yell for me to hold the elevator only to find out it was Chase Masterson. Dinner with my wife just to have J.G. Hertzler, Robert O'Reilly, Marc Alaimo, Casey Biggs, and Jeffrey Combs sit at the table next to ours and even having Casey Biggs stop by our table to comment on our food. Or running into Vaughn Armstrong in the lobby and talking for a few minutes. Maybe it was the final day when we rode the elevator down with Jeffrey Combs while he made fun of the Klingon breakfast saying he was happy he was not attending breakfast with them (the Klingons) with just a hint of Weyoun or Shran in his voice. Or stepping off said elevator just to run into Chancellors Gowron and Martok who were lost and late for the previously mentioned breakfast... I'm just sorry I was too star struck to snap a pic of Gowron with his arm around my wife's shoulders as they looked over our schedule to try and figure out where they were supposed to be.

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Definitely when I got photographed with William Shatner. That's something I'll never forget. 


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Best moment?
My first ever con when I was 13 and Shatner was there, saw I had plastic pointy ears on, and called me up on stage with him!  He knelt down with his arm around me and we talked for a few minutes.  Then he kissed my hand before I left the stage.  Needless to say, I decided that cons were great and I had to go to many more!

Only down point....when a woman came up to me and asked to touch the hand that Shatner had kissed....and then she wouldn't let go!

PS- how do you change the font size on these things???  I can barely read my own reply


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Quote: FriendlyTrekker @ Mar. 14 2011, 6:06 pm


>Top Convention Experiences:

>*A fan in 1992 asking Patrick Stewart if he would marry his mother.  Mr. Stewart responded, "Normally, I don't answer questions like that but I'm going to this time.  First I'd like to know if your mom is the woman sitting next to you with her face buried in her hands. Because if she is, I think you're going to be in a lot of trouble when you get home."




I have only been to one convention so far (planning to go to Sydney 2012, possibly) but in Auckland, the only Star Trek guest there had to cancel.

So I guess two sweet moments for me though.

One was when I found Bashir & O'Brien action figures for $15 each and of course just had to get them as a pair!!

The other was when I got a pic together with Paul McGann from Dr Who (and a bunch of other dramas that me and my mum both like -- mum still jealous hehe.) I happened to be in my Andorian costume at the time and he was like "Wow you look fantastic!" That, I'll always remember.

My Star Trek con. experience is still very limited. Doubtless there will be better stories in the future.

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