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Worst Death Scene EVER!!!


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Report this Mar. 13 2011, 8:44 pm

I agree that Kirk's death was done in the worst possible way and then he was left in the dirt under the rocks. And if Picard is so good, why did he need Kirk at all? Why not just leave the empty engineering room be enough of a mystery for Kirk's death?


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one of the worst death scenes,the Klingons trying to escape from vyger on impulse power.that was pretty lame they could've just kicked into warp drive. 


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also why did they have Mark Leonard who played Spocks father in the other movies playing a Klingon in that movie?


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Report this Mar. 25 2011, 11:34 am

i won't get into the debate of wether or not killing off kirk was a good or bad idea beacause, well, he's dead. lol. what i don't think was handled well was the final scene. i loved the "it was fun" line but when he say's "oh my" i get the feeling that he's not seeing something amazing in the "after life" as a previous poster said but rather is frightened by what he's about to see or encounter. almost like all the past regrets and actions are coming back to haunt him. maybe that's a by product of shatner not performing the scene correctly or maybe that's what he was directed to do. either way, it left me feeling that kirk died not "at peace" but "in conflict". just my interpretation. 

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