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New Star Trek movie right direction or do you wish it stayed in Prime Universe?

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Quote: picard_2305 @ Mar. 03 2011, 1:08 am

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>they better go back to the prime universe after these movies are finished because i and many other star trek fans want to know what happened after the romulan home world was destroyed. i find it funny people cry buckets of tears when vulcan was destroyed even tho it was not the prime universe planet vulcan it was the alternate universe vulcan that was destroyed but the prime universe lost the romulan planet yet nobody sheds a tear why? is it because romulans are perceived as evil? i demand an answer.



I was angry at Romulus being destroyed s well.

I hope the writers don't destroy Qu'nos in the next movie.

Kudos! Excellent comment.. I'd Like the answer as well!


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The film was interesting, I am devided on if it is a good or a bad move, the alternate timeline part irritated me because it just opened up so many possibilities of things happening differently. They could have gone with a post Dominion War story but then again hasnt it already been taken over in the form of the Trek books? Maybe this movie has started something new that will bring new blood to Trek and hopefully spawn a new series. Im glad Leonard Nimoy joined in on this film though, the TOS actors where really fully involved in Star Trek. Overall im still a loyal trekkie no matter what happens.

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